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My work for Rina Rizzi's jewelry

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

During my stay in Puglia (Italy), due to Covid 19, I had the pleasure to work with a talented artist. Her name is Rina Rizzi.

Rina is a jewel craftsman who creates her jewels with care.

Her creations are inspired by the Apulian's lands.

She contacted me to work as photographer and create some images of her new silver collection called LUMINARIE.

I need someone who can give some creative touch to my collection, a soul - she said.

"Luminarie" jewels collection is inspired by a rich hystoric tradition: the Salento art of the Luminarie.

What are the Luminarie?

Every Apulian has a clear and immediate reaction when he or she hears the word "luminarie": it is a bell that activates happy memories in a harmonious and dazzling triumph of lights and colours playing to the rhythm of music and the smell of sweet almonds and nougat on the streets.

Between the sacred and the profane, the luminarie lights are the eternal symbol of the South, which celebrates its traditions with luminous structures that "cover" churches, villages, and streets during the days of the patron saint and the town fairs.

Under the light of the luminarie, people meet, celebrate and feel at home. Their symbolic meaning is very precious: the light becomes the protagonist of the festivity, a beauty that dazzles and makes everyone happy.

Light is an element of life - she says - Luminarie jewels give light and beauty to the wearer. They are symbol of openness, rebirth and good life.

We decided to use natural light for both, silver creations and Valentina, her model, a very natural young beauty on her first photographic photoshoot.

Make - up was made by Robs Maha.

As a location we chose streets and squares of Mesagne historic center, the perfect setting for the jewels photo shoot. Her shop is located in a small square of the town - Piazza Antonio Criscuolo, Mesagne BR.

The only obstacle was the hot and sunny days of the summer in Southern Italy, but overall, in the end, we managed to overcome every difficulties.

It was a very fun experience

I invite all of you to take a look at her wonderful creations on her Facebook's page -







by Loredana Denicola