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About me


I'm Loredana Denicola, a multidisciplinary social documentary photographer.

In Italy I took a degree in Economics, spending some time in the corporate world, before moving to London in 2008.

My first camera was found discarded in a grey bag on Florida Street, Bethnal Green, London in 2009.

It was an old analog camera, a 35mm Praktica with three lenses.  

At that time I didn't have any idea of what photography was but I was curious to know where it could bring me. 

In London, at Central St Martin’s College of Arts, I graduated with a certificate in Photographic Professional Practice, attending a one year course in analogue photography and darkroom printing. Then I completed my training in the rough and tumble school of professional freelance press photography, and as a paparazzo, for three years.

Since 2013 I’ve been working in London on video-photographic projects.

​The camera became for me, paradoxically, a means of capturing and revealing the invisible.

I was driven to explore people’s depths by an urge for self-discovery -  through conversations with strangers, met either online or on the street. I decided to look at people’s stories, that might raise uneasy truths about sexuality, gender equality, prejudice, love, physical and psychological abuse, negative thinking, illness.

Photography can be used as a therapeutic medium, to confront oneself first of all.

In the act of using the camera, photography can become almost performative: a  live process, where art is realised at the instant of encounter with another human being and the photographs produced are merely documentation of that encounter. 

The observer becomes the observed, and in the mirror the person reflected.

My art practice becomes an investigation into the power of trust in human relationships.

​In 2018 I became a member of Action Hybride, a collective of international artists based in Paris.

The purpose of the collective is to organise interviews, films, exhibitions, performances, talks, concerning the body, memory and the human condition. In 2020, I co-founded with Francesca Sand Terra Rossa Lab

Terra Rossa Lab is characterised as a nomadic and spontaneous residence for curating artists and researchers. The goal is to grow and expand this project, so that artists, curators and researchers will be able to work on the theme of the socio-cultural condition of the human being in the Mediterranean and in the various European territories.

In 2021, 'La Pecora edizioni' was born, an independent experimental label born from the collaboration with Francesca Sand of the Action Hybride collective and Nahid Rezashateri and Gianluca Ceccarini of the Sarab collective.

I have exhibited internationally including London, Paris, Berlin, Bruxelles, Rome.

Solo Exhibition


  • Project: The theatre of the mind | Showcasing 7 Video and photographs (themes are: crossdressing, gender dysphoria, Islam religion etc …), Artist talk and dialogue with the public (16 September/03 October 2021), Palazzo Granafei-Nervegna, Brindisi, Italy


Group shows


  • F.R.O.N.T.I.E.R.ES | Les Ateliers des Artistes, Paris | by Terra Rossa Lab

  • Frontierès fractures distances | La Galerie du Génie de la Bastille | organised by Terra Rossa Lab | Paris

  • Lusted men project, open collection of erotic pictures of men | Festival (5-11 July  Leboudoir2.0 - Arles) (9-10 October - Image Satellite, Nice) (15-24 October, La Nombreuse & Le Pianofariek, Bruxelles)

  • Morphoses, group exhibition | l'Odysette, Café Associatif, 17 Rue du Cloître, Arles |organised by Action Hybride


  • Lusted men project, open collection of erotic pictures of men | Festival photo Saint Germain | November 2020, Paris

  • Je suis my body, je suis my memoire Galerie, 59, Rue de Rivoli, Paris

  • I co-founded with Artist Francesca Sand, Terra rossa lab, a nomadic and spontaneous residence for curating artists and researchers



  • ​Fleisheslust Festival  | Xlane Gallery | Berlin, Germany

  • London open call 2018 | Whitechapel Gallery | London,UK

  • Il mostro #10 |  Tevere Art Gallery |  Rome, Italy

  • Under my feet | Waiting Room | London

  • Angst  | La Capela | Gallery | Paris, France

  • Liquids rooms The Labyrinth |  Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi | Venice, Italy

  • Artist member - Action Hybride


  • Photo scratch | Four Corners/opportunity for documentary photographers | London,UK 

  • Salon 17 | New approach to photography | Four Corners LCN showcase 2017 | 15 artists | artists talk | London,UK

  • FLUXExhibition/Chelsea college of Arts | curated by Lisa Grey | London,UK

  • Magnum swap shop - Magnum photos 70th anniversary |  The Printspace/London, UK


  • ​Exhibit here's art maze exhibition | Bargehouse | Oxo Tower Wharf |  London,UK

  • FLUX exhibition | The Truman Brewery | London,UK

  • Folios Fridays | The Photographer’s Gallery | London,UK​


  • ​Portrait salon exhibition | The Embassy Gallery |Taylor Wessing Prize |  London,UK


  • ​Desidero ergo sum, arte, corpo e  pensiero  SALA 5 /Rome, Italy 

  • Exhibition at St Martin College  | Certificate of Photography Professional Practice | London,UK 











design by Loredana Denicola 






  • Selected online/ Best 20 portraits/ Photography Competition Telegraph/The London Fashion Week/Portrait/London/UK

Books in which my photographs appeared


  • Desidero ergo sum: arte corpo pensiero by Roberta Giulieni



  • Queer Dramaturgies: International Perspectives by Alyson Campbell, ‎Stephen Farrier




L'Italie à Paris/Archives Art Italien 

Its Liquid - The Labyrinth/Interview

The Heroine's Journey/Interview

The Palette Pages /Interview 

Monovisions Magazine /Interview


Curieux Magazine/Photographs & Words

Io sono il mio corpo, io sono la mia memoria/

Io sono il mio corpo, io sono la mia memoria/ Venezia Vive

Io sono il mio corpo, io sono la mia memoria/ Venezia Today

Io sono il mio corpo, io sono la mia memoria/

Desidero Ergo Sum/ Artribune

Alessandro Salvatore /Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno

Brindisi Report/ Brindisi Report

Qui Mesagne/ The Theatre of the Mind

Brindisi Report/ The Theatre of the Mind

Newspam/ The Theatre of the Mind

Brindisi Report/ The theatre of the Mind

Newspam/ The Theatre of the Mind

Brindisi Libera/The Theatre of the Mind

Il Gazzettino di Brindisi/The Theatre of the mind

Il Gazzettino di Brindisi/ The Theatre of the mind

Point Contemporain Agenda

Second Sexe

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