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photographs and words
a journey of healing
| Film & digital photography |  35mm |  Black and white images and words | 

Within the realm of art and self-expression, there exists a profound and therapeutic power - a power that transcends boundaries and touches the depths of our souls.

This is precisely what "Photographs and Words' embodies: a project that unites visual and literary arts in a therapeutic journey of self-discovery and healing.

Through the lens of the camera and the stroke of the digital pen, the project explores the deep connection between imagery and language, offering a unique pathway towards understanding, acceptance, and personal growth. It's a journey where photographs become windows into the soul, and words are the bridge that connects our innermost thoughts and emotion to the world.

In these visual narratives and the words that accompany them, we discover stories of resilience, transformation, and the capacity of the human spirit to heal. It's a testament to the therapeutic potential of art, a reminder that creativity is not only a mean of expression but also a powerful tool for self-reflection and healing.

Loredana Denicola _ photographs & words_

i am unique

Photography project | Photographs and words | Che altro hai da perdere | Loredana Denicola

che altro hai da perdere?

Loredana Denicola _ photographs & words_

find a connection with a stranger

Photography project | Photographs and words | Who am I ? | Loredana Denicola

who am i?

Loredana Denicola _ photographs & words_

children are not adults

Photography project | Photographs and words | Io sono calma nonostante tutto | Loredana Denicola

io sono calma nonostante tutto

Photography project | Photographs and words | focusing on my stengths | Loredana Denicola

focusing on my strengths

Photography project | Photographs and words | Time does not exists | Loredana Denicola

time does not exists

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