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The book of love, sex and relationships poses a complex question: 'What does it mean to love?' 

In the book of love, sex and relationships I describe the attempt of a woman to process negativity and destructive beliefs with self-observation through photography, video-documentation and writing that in the long run become a journey of discovery and awareness.

Addiction to love can cause emotional problems such as anxiety, violence, jealousy, obsessive thoughts, pain and confusion.

The project began in London, before Brexit and Covid-19. 

I strongly believe that this social research on love can encourage anyone on their journey to feel more aware, to build more self-esteem and self-respect.


The book of love, sex and relationships is also a collective social work of art.

Twenty – five people took part in the project, couples or single individuals met online or in the streets of London and explores different relationships: from heterosexual relationships to homosexual, single mothers, divorced or separated couples ....


We often think of art as an individual act and of the artist / photographer as a solitary figure working alone, but in reality art is a collective activity that requires a collaboration of a number of people and a large range of activities.

All the people who took part in the project-book brought into play creativity, self-expression, lived experience, sharing their personal knowledge. The collective work is presented to the community-world in the form of dialogue and I hope it can make people reflect.


Photographs have power. Stories have power. The book is a self-published art editorial project.

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love, sex and relationships
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