A new society 


Unfinished  photography project -  Photographed 2016



What does it mean to be conscious?

It is a question that philosophers and scientists have puzzled over perhaps since there have been philosophers and scientists. On a base level, consciousness is the fact of being awake and processing information, aware of something for what it is, internal knowledge.

In my picture the fetous is growing  up in the head not in the belly: there is not separation between being a woman and being a man regarding re- production.

A new knowledge is accessible to everyone. It is very powerful and alive, aware of its own existence and capable of doing great things. The new individual, goes above himself, entering a new stage of love, compassion and true understanding.He doesn’t react with negative emotions, he doesn’t have negative thoughts.

There is not separation but unity. He/she knows.

A new consciousness is born, able to see itself full of potentialities and create a new Society, more healthy towards the self, the other, the nature, the planet aiming to a more peaceful way to live life.

Maybe is utopia.

A new society | Loredana Denicola photography


A new society | Loredana Denicola photography


A new society | Loredana Denicola photography