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a new society
| Unfinished  photography project |  Digital color photography | Started in 2016 |


What does it mean to be conscious?

Being awake: this definition involves the state of being awake, distinguish il from sleep or other states of  unconsciousness.

Being aware of the world: In comparison to the first definition, this assume a more abstract value. It acknowledges that one can be awake yet still be unaware of the external aspects of the world.

Be aware of oneself as an 'actor' in the world: this level of consciousness relates to self-awareness, which is the awareness of oneself as distinct from others in the world.


In my images, the fetus is depicted as growing in the head rather than the belly, symbolising the absence of a gender-based separation in terms of reproduction. New knowledge is made accessible to everyone.

The new emerging individual transcends their previous limitations, ascending to a new plane of existence characterised by love, compassion and genuine understanding.

They do not react with negative emotions or harbour negative thoughts.

There is no division;  only unity. They possess an innate understanding. 

A new consciousness is born, capable of recognising its untapped potential and fostering the creation of a new society. This society aims for greater healthiness in relationships with oneself, others, nature, and the planet, all in pursuit of a more peaceful way of living.

However, it may be perceived as a utopian vision.

loredana denicola a new society-phootgra


A new society | The mother | Loredana Denicola photography




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