once you said,

 i love you.

then you slapped me,

you punched me,

you shouted at me,

you called me bitch.

you said, 

i want to kill you.

 i cried.

what is love?

i asked.


trailer: do you love yourself? 

Do you love yourself? 

written and interpreted by Loredana Denicola 

"Do you love yourself?" is a 9-minute monologue, part of love, sex and relationships video-photographic documentation project.

I wrote it while I was in a "love" relationship with my ex-boyfriend that then, over time, became violent.

The monologue comes from a state of confusion, despair, anxiety and the impossibility of coping with the situation in which I lived. Unanswered questions crowd my head.

Photographs have power, stories have power.

Thanks to Riccardo Sai for helping me with the video production  (https://www.mistersai.uk) and Luca Previtali for the wonderful video editing (https://www.lucaprevitali.com).