scanning a body
digital photography / scans -  photographed 2016


scanning a body is a digital photography project.

This profanation of every inch and detail of her body with a scanner make me think of how much we struggle with our Identity and how often in everyday life we forget what extraordinary machine our body is and how miraculous life is itself.

A curious focus on the 'cage of flesh' before exploring the inside: our blood, our liquids, our brain, our DNA, our heart and the act of breathing.

The body has to be loved, we have to be a great friend to it.

It is our home. 

Our body is in our service continuously, day in and day out: digesting, changing our food into blood, taking out the dead cells of the body, bringing new oxygen. how many times do we forget about this?

model - artist E. Hellis:



<< when people see my flesh I hope maybe they think on their own,

their own flesh pressed up against a glass and

see how they really are ... >>

Loredana Denicola | scanning a body | photography
Loredana Denicola | Scaning a body | photography.jpg
Loredana Denicola | Scanning a body | Genital Organs
Loredana Denicola | Scanning a body | Hair
Loredana Denicola | Scannong a body | body
Loredana Denicola Photography | Scanning a body | Hand.jpg
Loredana Denicola | Scanning a body
Loredana Denicola | Scanning a Body | Back
Loredana Denicola | Scanning a body | Human