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the theatre of the mind
| Digital photography | Interviews | Photography project 2016-2020 |


the theatre of the mind is a video-photographic project centered on trust and on the exploration of oneself through conversations with people as a means of enrichment, discovery and acceptance. I would walk around London in search of individuals who attract me. I would approach them on the street or wherever I happened to be, explaining my interest and my involvement in a photography documentary video project called the theatre of the mind. If they agreed, I would enter their life, just for one day.

I would visit them in their homes, conduct video interviews, and take photographs. We would play, engage and interact. 

“I am driven by intuition. I want to explore their inner worlds and know whether they reflect mine, in that moment. I want to discuss the meaning of life, any lies they might have told themselves, their hidden secrets that sometimes cause pain, their childhood, life, sex, what keeps them awake at night, love, their fears, their depth, and the essence of us simple human beings. These are unique stories, fragments of lives that represent humanity. Above all,  I want to get to know them.”

What is a mind? And what defines a theatre?

The combination of these two words makes me ponder whether what we believe, we create.

So, what is imagination?

Do we shape reality?

Do we have a predetermined  destiny?

Do we choose who we become?

Are we influenced by society, politics, religion, education, and the fear of others’ judgements?

Do we comprehend our own potential and true selves? 

Have you ever asked yourself, "Who am I? Am I merely an actor or truly myself?

the theatre of the mind is an installation project comprising photographs and seven videos.The videos are in English with English/Italian subtitles.  Each video ranges from 25 to 50 minutes in lenght, for a total of more than 5 hours.

The legs with fishnet stockings of a man
The crossdresser poses for me

The cross-dresser

what is cross-dressing?

A young woman with a burka"
The Kuran

I choose my religion, Islam

what is Islam? what does it teach?

A man with a pig mask inside his room
A man dressed as a prisoner

MADKILLERMILLER, an unimportant person with a business card

why are we looking for trouble?

A transgender person in the midst of nature
Sexy Pants

Finally I am a woman!

what is gender dysphoria?

A man holding his wisdom tooth
A man lacing up his corset

LOUIS GREY MAGUS is my alter ego

why do we build an alter ego?

A man sitting on a branch with a headdress made of teddy bears
Shoes with teddy bears


I am my emotions ...

what is a performance?

A six-year-old girl hugging her teddy bear
The drawings of a six-year-old girl

The imaginary dogs

who is a child?

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