A video Introduction (7m 57s): The Theatre of the Mind, a video & photo documentation by Loredana Denicola

It includes individual interviews of 7 characters (7 videos): a cross-dresser, a woman with a burqa, a comedian, a trans-gender, a person who created an alter ego, a performer, a child of 6 years old.

Years: 2016-2018

The Theatre of the Mind


Digital photography /  Interviews /photography project 2016/2018

I would walk around London looking for subjects who attract me. I would approach them in the street or wherever I went, telling them that they interest me, that I am doing a photography documentary video project called ‘The Theatre of the Mind’. If they agreed, I would enter their life, just for one day. I would visit them in their homes, make a video interview and take photographs.

We would play. 

What is a mind? And what is a theatre?

The two words together make me think that perhaps, what we believe, we create. What is imagination then?

Do we create reality? Do we have a fate? Do we choose who we are? Are we conditioned by society, politics, religion, education, fear of people’s judgements?

Have you ever asked to yourself – Who Am I? An actor or truly you?

The video photography project includes a short video presentation of the 'The Theatre of the Mind' plus seven individual interviews. The length of the single videos varies according to the topics discussed with the subjects interviewed (normally between 20 and 55 minutes).  The subjects are seven: a cross-dresser, a young woman with a burka, a comedian, a transgender person, a person who had built an alter ego to feel at ease over the years, an art performer and a 6 year old girl. 

'ALAN, the cross-dresser'

What is cross-dressing?

'HUMAIRA, I choose my Religion, Islam'

What is Islam? What does it teach?

MADKILLERMILLER, 'an unimportant person with a business card'

Who is a comedian?

STEPHANIE, 'Finally I am a Woman!'

Who is a trans-gender?

'LOUIS GREY MAGUS is my Alter Ego'

Why do we build an alter ego?


'TACCO MATTO, I am my emotions ...'

What is a performance?

'GRAÇA and her imaginary dogs'

What is imagination?

 Social Documentary Photographer | Fine Art | London & Italy

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