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The crowdfunding campaign to sustain the production of the photo book will be soon on Kickstarter.

love, sex and relationships is a book of photographs and texts by Loredana Denicola, co-curated by Steve Bisson editor. The crowdfunding campaign is currently in the definition phase. The link will be attached once the crowdfunding campaign has been uploaded to the platform. 

By backing this initiative, you will enable me to realise this ambitious publishing project: producing a limited edition print off-set of 300 photo books. This project has been my prime focus during the last five years and I will continue to expand and develop it as I am determined to make a significant difference. 

Your donation will assist me with the realisation of a dream, believing that hard work can really make dreams come true. You will also help me to move closer to my goal of making this work visible, through the realisation of the books and possibly the creation of a photography lab where the process of using photography and self-observation can be continued. Photography is therapy.

The project started before the time of Brexit and the advent of Covid-19, therefore it is a documentation that embraces these time frames: interviews and photographs from 2015 to 2017, post production from 2017 to 2021. English language. Pages 240.

This project can arouse interest in the scientific community from a psychological, sociological, anthropological and artistic-therapeutic, as well as photographic point of view. The project, currently nearing completion, was born in 2015 from an abusive relationship with my ex-partner.

In love, sex and relationships photography is used as a therapeutic process.

Pain is transformed as it starts relating with the outside world becoming an opening rather than a closure.  Hope you will enjoy it!