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Artist Statement


I hold a deep respect for the beauty in our differences. My artistic journey has always been guided by a curiosity to connect with the unfamiliar, the "strange", and to explore the concept of self- estrangement - those hidden aspects of ourselves we often conceal.

In my view, breaking down barriers begins with the willingness to engage with strangers, to visit their worlds, and, most importantly, to listen to their stories. 

Through these encounters, we can let go of our prejudices and preconceived ideas, reaching a deep understanding that connects 'us' and 'them'. Furthermore, I began this artistic journey with the hope that, by listening to others' genuine stories, I could learn more about myself and grow in self-acceptance.

I mainly use photography, which I consider a healing art form. Through intimate conversations with people I meet on the streets and online, I employ images, text and videos to embark on a process of self-observation. Through photography I am able to re-examine everything: who I am, what I think, what I feel, my education, society, religion. Rather than controlling the creative process with my camera, I let our collaboration unfold naturally.


In this process, my subjects present themselves as they wish, free from any imposition. By embracing vulnerability, I encourage them to share their own vulnerabilities. The result is an honest documentation on the present moment, sometimes startling in its raw sincerity. In this dance between observer and observed, mirror and reflected, we confront the question: Do we like what we see?

My artistic practice is, at its core, an exploration of the transformative power of trust in human relationships. Can we, as individuals, free our minds from the habits we've cultivated - the unhelpful opinions, judgements, fears, attitudes, and values? What, indeed, is real in a world where authenticity reigns supreme?

Through these questions, my work becomes a mirror that reflects our shared journey towards understanding, empathy, and self- discovery.

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