My experience at Photo Scratch @ Four Corners

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I heard about Photo Scratch at Four Corners, where I am part of LCN (London Creative Networking) program.

I applied to showcase my unfinished project “Love, Sex & Relationship’.

I felt I was in need for feedback and conversations to understand how ‘others’ could perceive my work and personal message.

The project is unfinished. It comprehends few sections (video, photography, book).

I felt it needed more clarity, it was a bit confusing, so I thought that could have been a great experience showing and asking for feedback at Photo scratch.

I was looking for clearer advice on how organise better my ideas.

Mobile Upload - 'Love, Sex & Relationships' @ Four corners during Photo Scratch event, 2017
Mobile Upload | Love, Sex & Relationships | Four Corners | Photo Scratch event 2017 | Loredana Denicola

I began'Love, Sex & Relationships' project in 2015, while I was in an abusive relationship for 9 months.

This time, I was consciously aware of the damage that I was doing to myself, living a such unhealthy relationship. My ex boyfriend was violent, he is violent.

I read somewhere that there is an opportunity in any problem or situation we encounter in life. So I carried on, hurting myself. I thought it was love. Then, I understood the lesson behind all that pain.

I thought that I could manage the depression and anxiety, and to get out from that anxiety, I decided to looking for an escape, art.

So I acted. I interview couples & individuals, mostly strangers or friends of friends who are or were in a 'love, sex & relationships'.

I met 27 people, I ask all of them the same questions that were struggling me at that moment of my life, collecting 40 hours of interviews, which I summarised in 6 hours of video editing, 17 pictures plus a video trailer of presentation, a book and a short video where I explain what I learned through the process of conversations of ' Love, Sex & Relationships'.

What did I learn from this experience at Photo Scratch?

To start with, I am very happy for the feeling of intimacy that people perceived listening to the extract of video and the pictures that I selected.

I saw them interested and touched by the stories presented.

I was pleased for the interest showed, and some of them were queuing to watch my video, which made me proud.

After the interview, they were interacting with me made me compliments and giving me feedback, either positive & negative and some precious advice that made me think that the project has potentiality to be presented in a gallery and in a book.

Some of them told me how to organise the project in a gallery.

That was funny but some good ideas came out.

The editing needs to be clean; a much tighter edit and a much clearer narrative would help.

I am aware about the length of my video, none would watch 6 hours of video.

I did.

At least, I want to give 20 min of talk of each person interviewed as they gave me their precious time, their memories and they talk about very personal issues.

'Excellent, just need more editing work....'

'The video is really beautiful. You start listening not knowing what you are getting into and it becomes really intimate and you start to develop almost a personal connection with the people being interviewed, especially with the stories you can relate to...'

'Very personal and intimate. How did you do to get connected in that way?''

'Powerful, it is incredible how people open up to you...very real..I felt incredibly connected...'

'Intimacy is very powerful.You breath it... It is multimedia project, so probably it needs installation/exhibition/gallery. A limited edition of a book would work well'

'Portrait are amazing...maybe bigger pictures would have work better...'..and more

The total experience gave me more confidence in pursuing my dreams through my ideas.

I have been working on this project for two years, I feel that it needs to be realised and now I am totally convinced that it will be successful.

There are many obstacles in my way (editing, English correction, layout of the book, publishing, money etc…) and there is lot of work to do but I see all of them as an opportunity to grow up professionally and as a human being.

Thank you Photo Scratch for the opportunity.

It was a pleasure to be there.

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What is Photo Scratch?

Photo Scratch is an opportunity for documentary photographers to understand how their work is perceived and gain valuable insight into how to take their work further with the benefit of other people’s outside eye.

For spectators this is an opportunity to preview projects, offer feedback, and engage in conversations about photography.

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