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"I Am My Body, I Am My Memory" Multidisciplinary Festival of Arts

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

On Thursday, June 20th, at 6 pm, the innovative artistic space Officine Forte Marghera opened its doors to the public for the exhibition 'I am my body, I am my memory' on the occasion of the inauguration of the Multidisciplinary Festival of Contemporary Art, organized by the collective Action Hybride.

Action Hybride presents:

54 International artists, art and video shows with a program full of extraordinary events.

Free entry every day from 2 pm to midnight

Dates: June 20 to June 23, 2019, coinciding with the Venice Biennale

Gallery: Officine Forte Marghera (Venice)

Address: Via Padiglione 32, via Forte Marghera, 30 - Mestre - Veneto

Press Release

“I am my body, I am my memory” is a multidisciplinary festival where international artists, activists, and theorists aim to create an artistic platform not only for displaying works of art that include photography, paintings, installations, performances but also a platform for discussing important issues related to the human body, and mostly how memory preserves the buried memories of our suffering as children, as fetus … and sometimes even that of our parents and ancestors.

The body’s memory is what remains when we have forgotten everything.

Memory starts from a scar, from a suffering body, from a sick memory, from a body that is the interstice that connects and separates from everything. Prenatal memory exists and persists.

The fetus has memory; memories exist even after birth.

The fetus listens and learns. The responsibility of a mother to communicate positively with her child, to create and establish a bond, starts from the beginning, inside the belly. Memory, knowing to forget: Alzheimer’s patients are an example. The memory of psychological abuses, asylums, prisoners, soldiers affected after wars experience. The memory of the body, the wounds, the accidents, the traumas, the psychological breakdowns, collapses, the illnesses created by wrong emotions and negative thoughts, our incessant automatic unhealthy habits, the memory related to deformations before and after birth, mutilations, deadly diseases.

A question arises: Is there a memory mode that resists deletion? An indelible and, so to speak, treatable memory?

Art alone can perhaps provide a palpable answer to these questions; at least we can open discussion, we can think about it, we can share and relate. Because if the body is represented everywhere in the contemporary imagination, and if it constitutes, like memory, a basic material for many contemporary artists, it does not show its memory but ‘acts’ because it embodies it.

And as much as she does not memorise any image or representation, the body’s memory can only be ‘erased’ by the destruction of the body itself.

I am my body, I am my memory, Multidisciplinary Festival of Arts, Photo Credit: Louise Dumont
I am my body, I am my memory, Multidisciplinary Festival of Arts, Photo Credit: Louise Dumont

Sponsors: Forte Marghera.

Artists Selected:

Luisa AMPRIMO, Lisa Colette BYSHEIM, Joris BRANTUAS, Ria BREEDVELD, Jean François BOURON, Yu CAI, Sabrina CASIROLI, Gianluca CECCARINI, Kristina CYAN, Zeynep DAGLI

Josefina DAGORRET, Giovanna D’AMICO, Elisabetta DI SOPRA, Barbara Michelle EDELMAN, Diane FENSTER, Virginie FOLOPPE, Julie HAHN & Jean-Baptiste BAELE

Sara KOLLER, Emmanuel LACOSTE, Violaine LE FUR, Beatrice LEZZI, Hanne LINDE, Sophie MENUET, Amal MOKDED, Cassandra JIM, MIYAKE, Joe NANASHE, Cemre ONERTURK, Anna PASZTOR, Flavia RAUS, Marija RADOVANOVIĆ, Lyu RUI, Angie SAIZ, Ilaria SAVAGNO, Rekha SAMEER, Gwen SAMPE’, Ynin SHILLO, Sophie SCHEIFELE & Olivier SCHLUND



Fur APHRODITE, Maria CLARK, Loredana DENICOLA,Louise DUMONT, Francesca SAND Anne Marie TOFFOLO, Elisabette ZELAYA.

Come and visit us, if you are in Venice.

We have a full program of events running from 20 to 23 of June:

Performances program
Performances program

Send us an email if you want to have a look at the dossier, 54 international artists selected to show their interpretation of << I am my body, I am my memory>>.

Very Exciting!!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Loredana for Action Hybride


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