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ANGST, Art exhibition @ La Capela, in Paris

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Today, 8th of March, is the opening of #ANGST #exhibition, curated by Francesca Sand​ at La Capela, in Paris where I will exhibit my video art, "Do you love yourself ?" - Director/producer Ric Sai (check out his work on and post - production Luca Previtali, plus three pictures along with 20 other international artists.

The exhibition will run from the 8th till the 11th of March 2018

Free entry

Art, photography, live performances, art installation.

Come and visit if you are in Paris.

L’exposition ANGST sous le commissariat de Francesca Sand avec la collaboration de Pascaline Rey réunit les artistes Danilo Andres, Fur Aphrodite, Alexine Chanel, Maria Clark, Loredana Denicola, Louise Dumont, Nicola Fornoni, Sara Jeanmougin, Barbara Kowa, Olivier Lelong, Marcantonio Lunardi, Sophie Merrison, Wendy Nouse, Pascaline Rey, Francesca Sand, Vanda Spengler, Sylvie Shiwei Barbier, Anne Marie Toffolo, Elisabetta Zelaya, Stefania Zorzi.

Programme :

Jeudi 18h30-23h

'Vernissage', lecture et texte de Richard Laillier Performance de Sophie Merrison et sa compagnie

Vendredi 18h30-23h lecture de Aphra texte de Bertrand Jullien Danse de Anne Marie Toffolo et Roddy Laroche Samsonoff

Samedi 16h30- 23h Performances: 1.Danilo Andres 2. Sylvie Shiwei Barbier

Dimanche 16h30-23h Performances: 1. Louise Dumont avec Constance Cottus, Veronique Lemonnnier et Steven Chotard 2.Barbara Kowa

Prix libre

La Capela 20 rue Phillipe de Girard, 75010 Paris

Danilo Andres, dance/performance, Angst, la Capela, Paris, France
Angst | Danilo Andres | dance/performance | la Capela, Paris, France |

Dance/performance, Angst, la Capela, Paris, France
Dance/performance, Angst, la Capela, Paris, France

An exhibition that brings together 20 European artists who use the body to talk about fragility, vulnerability, the absurdity of a body such as society fantasizes about it.

Everyone's individual relationship to their body is dictated by social, cultural, historical and even political influence.

The 20 artists of the ANGST exhibition denounce the social weight that weighs on each person's relationship to their body in order to offer a new body, liberated, recomposed, hybrid, sensory or emotional.

'Page Blanche' performance - Louise Dumont - performance
'Page Blanche' performance - Louise Dumont - performance

Angst art exhibition | La capela, Paris France | Do you Love Yourself? Loredana Denicola


Fear is a strong and immediate reaction and also an awakening of consciousnesses anesthetized by a sick and hypocritical society which offers false models of existence.

ANGST is fear of the unknown.