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Big tech. Where will all this take us?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

With the term 'Big Tech' for those who do not know, we proceed to define all the big ones of the tech world we know today, or the possibility of defining companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook etc.... that in fact contain in a few hands rather extensive powers and the possibility of decreeing the commercial success and not of some activities or the possibility of daring emphasis and some opinions against others.

In the stock investment market, for example, one might think that even the trend of the technology's big names could not only be decided at the table, but also reversed with little news.

Today, by spending little money on Facebook, for example, you can convey your message to people who have interests or have shown certain behaviors. Really not a small thing that turned out to be much more difficult when the Internet wasn't available yet, and I remember it very well.

Much attention is ending on companies of this type, because now with smartphones equipped with internal non-removable battery and tracking systems that maybe work even when we switch off the phone, we can end up being always tracked, at any time.

The concept of privacy is long over. We are paying different services that we know and which we think are free with our data.

They will still be good and functioning services, we see Gmail or Facebook itself, but obviously we pay with our personality, what we like that can be targeted, to let us see things that interest us.

We are supervised. It really is a revolution in terms of advertising.

Our attachment to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is increasing and also the business volumes of companies like 'Big Tech' are increasing, as well as the time we spend in front of the small screen compared to TV or cinema.

It is becoming an addiction, we consume content at a really high speed, with an ever lower rate of attention, yet people continue to stay in front of these screens, preferring them even to fixed or portable computers.

The smartphone is the first device to access the Internet. We don't know if defining such a thing is good or bad, but people now buy or even invest directly in smartphones.

The stock investment market is also changing and is leading us towards a change in the way investors conceive the possibilities of investing, since once such a thing was exclusive to the bank, while now we end up quietly in every situation so.

Banks reduced their branches.

Human relationship is increasingly disappearing.

We are increasingly becoming more 'digital addicted' and more 'humanly separated'. We think we are more connected, we have many virtual friends ... do we really have more friends? We are moving further away from ourselves.

This dependency takes us away from the present moment.

Our minds are always busy, chaotic, impregnated with images, words, news ... where will all this take us?

Big tech. Where will all this take us? Loredana Denicola's blog
Big tech. Where will all this take us? Loredana Denicola's blog

But we have a choice: to recognize our 'digital addiction' and decide how much we want to be addicted.

I'm going for a bike ride today and you?

by Loredana Denicola


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