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A Journey of Self-Discovery through the Lens of Street Photography

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Observe yourself.

Find out who you are!

The world is as you dream it.

It is a mirror.

Outside you find your world, what you built, you dreamed of.

Outside you find you!

Go and see who you are.

You'll discover that others are the reflected image of the lie you carry inside, of compromise, of your ignorance.

Change! … and the world will change.

Go out into the world and accept yourself.

Meet the poor, the violent, the lepers that you carry inside.

Accept them - don't avoid them, don't blame them, surrender to your world. Go and consciously accept what you have created: a rigid, ignorant, lifeless world.

Power is in possessing oneself and at the same time surrendering to oneself.

Dependence is always a personal choice, even if it is involuntary.

Nothing and no one can force you to depend; only you can.

Dependence is not the effect of a contract; it is not linked to a role nor does it arise from belonging to a social class.

Dependence is the consequence of lowering one's dignity.

It is the result of the pulping of being.

Dependence is the effect of a mind enslaved by imaginary fears, by one's own fear.

Addiction is a disease of being.

To depend on is to stop believing in oneself.

Dependence means to stop dreaming.

Progetto fotografico - I had a dream and I talked with a tree - © Loredana Denicola
I had a dream and I talked with a tree, © Loredana Denicola

Who gives you the authority to speak to me in this way? - I blurted out defiantly.

You - answered the dreamer.

The world is at a standstill because there are men who depend, men who are scared to death. Humanity as it is cannot conceive of a society free from addiction.Only men trapped in fear and doubt can be poor and perpetuate addiction and misery in the world.

Poverty means not seeing one's limits.

Being poor means having given up your right of artifice in exchange for a job you don't love, which you haven't chosen.

You are the only obstacle to all you can desire.

The dream is the most real thing there is!

Our beings creates our life. Visibilia ex Invisibilibus

Everything we see and touch comes from the invisible.

Why shouldn't we choose life?

There is a place where thoughts, sensations, emotions, actions, and events are recorded forever, and even after years, we can find them as objects set aside in the attic, apparently inactive, helpless.

In reality they continue to act and condition our whole existence.

That's where we have to go back.

Forgive yourself inside.

Pen and paper means remembering, recovering, collecting parts of oneself scattered around the world. To conquer that special condition of being made up of freedom, knowledge, power, it takes years of work on oneself - one must forgive oneself inside.

Forgiving oneself inside is the true doing of a man of action, the result of a long process of attention, self-observation.

It means washing and healing the still open wounds, settling all the unfinished business.

Forgiveness inside has the power to transform the past with all its ballast.

Everything is here now!

Past and future are acting together right now in every man's life. A timeless time whose entrance door is this moment.

The secret is not to get distracted, never to stray from it.

Forgiveness inside is a return to oneself, it is the real reason why we were born. We should never interrupt this healing process.

Self – observation is self- correction.

Anything from the past can be healed if one has the ability to 'observe oneself'. Self-observation is a look from above on one's life.

It is like putting past events, circumstances, relationships, under a ray of light.

For the dreamer, self-observation meant letting life flow not before a judicial court, but under the X-rays of a detached intelligence, of a neutral witness who had to limit himself to observing, refraining from issuing any judgment or criticism.

Self-observation is healing, a natural consequence of the detachment that is created between the observer and the observed.

Self-observation allows us to see everything that keeps us glued to the treadmill of the world - thoughts, feelings of guilt, prejudices, negative emotions.

It is an operation of detachment, of de-hypnotization, of awakening.

If we look within, what is right begins to happen and what is not begins to dissolve.

Nobody could do it alone. Meeting ourselves, with our lie, venturing into the labyrinths of being without impeccable preparation, would kill us instantly.

"Look ... it's a full moon" he said, pointing the star with a slight nod of his chin.

We will be able to see a maximum of one thousand in all our years, but in all probability at the end of our life we will not have found the time to observe even one.

Yet it is external.

Imagine how much more difficult it is for us to observe ourselves, to reverse the direction of our attention.

Self-observation is only the beginning of the art of dreaming.

Some pieces are taken from - La scuola degli Dei di Elio D'Anna.

The book can be purchased here La scuola degli Dei

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