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The choice that changes our life

Life's circumstances are formed not only as a result of concrete actions, but also as a result of a person's thoughts.

If we have a hostile attitude towards the world, it will respond to us in the same way. If we are used to perpetually expressing dissatisfaction, we'll have more and more reasons to do so. If negativism predominates in our relations with reality, the world will surely show us the worst sides.

Foto © Internet - bambina
Foto © Internet - bambina

On the contrary, a positive attitude will change our life for the better in the most natural way.

We always get what we choose.

As long as our thoughts are more or less homogeneous in direction, we are in the same line of life.

We attract who we are.

We give off energy and we produce energy.

As soon as our relationship with reality changes, in one direction or another, the mental emission parameters acquire new characteristics and the material realization of a layer of our world passes onto another line.

The events evolve according to another scenario, in accordance with the parameters of our issue. If the scenario is not pleasant for some reason, we will struggle to change the situation. Everyone, encountering obstacles, reacts negatively, expressing disappointment or falling into depression. But in doing so the mental emission settles on the line where the obstacles become even more, and eventually life begins to roll downhill.

This process seems unmanageable, but only at first glance.

In fact, it is we with our thoughts who create our reality.

If we believe we can overcome obstacles with actions, the result we will actually obtain will be what we ourselves have chosen.

If we choose to fight against obstacles, we'll find them in abundance on our way.

If we are absorbed in thoughts about the problems to be faced, we'll certainly have more of them in our life.

In fact, while we try to change the unpleasant moments of our present moment we think precisely about what we don't like and we get what we don't want.

Nothing can be changed in a certain life line.

Above all, we have to change our habits and enter a different life line.

Not all thoughts find material fulfillment and not all wishes come true.

And here it is not a question of the content of thoughts but of their quality.

If we think about it, we realize that when something happens there are infinite possibilities of reaction.

The first thing we are used to doing is to complain by blaming our fate. But if we remain calm, we understand that we have an important possibility: the right to choose.

What we choose, we will get it.

For this reason, habits often cause problems and force us to act in an unproductive way.

Breaking free from habits, however, is difficult.

They create an illusion of well-being, and we men and women rely on them because we love to lull ourselves into known situations.

The new always arouses mistrust and fear.

The habitual, customary act has already manifested itself in practice.

The old armchair at home is preferable to the new one, the old one is more comfortable.

The sense of comfort has created concepts such as trust, positive experience, predictability. In the new, these concepts are present to a lesser extent, so it takes some time for a new habit to become old.

Let's think about it - how willing are we to change habits?

How do we want to live?

Are we aware of our choices?

by Loredana Denicola - Thoughts and reflections

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