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Where do we fit in the Universe?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Where do we fit into the universe?

What is a Universe?

Where did I come from, and why am I here?

What is it that we're supposed to be doing in life?

What is our purpose in life?

Are we born with the natural ability to create and modify our bodies and the world?

What responsibility do we have to use our power in the presence of what are arguably the greatest threats to the future of our lives, our world, and even our species?

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, research has revealed the following facts:

Fact 1:

The universe, our world, and our bodies are made of a shared field of energy that was scientifically recognised in the 20th century and is now identified by names that include the field, the quantum hologram, the mind of God, nature's mind, and the Divine Matrix.'

Fact 2:

In the field of the Divine Matrix, "things" that have been connected physically and then separated act as if they are still linked, through a phenomenon known as entanglement.

Fact 3:

Human DNA directly influences what happens in the Divine Matrix in a way that appears to defy the laws of time and space.'

Fact 4:

Human belief (and the feelings and emotions surrounding it) directly changes the DNA that affects what occurs in the Divine Matrix.

Fact 5:

When we shift our beliefs about our bodies and our world, the Divine Matrix translates that change into the reality of our lives! This means that we create our own reality. We are the only responsible of our own destiny and life. It is always not late to learn to watch our mind, to control thoughts and feelings.

Have the choice to have only beautiful and helpful thoughts, the capacity to transform the negative into positive with the power of decisions, to think and act positively.

I am convinced, now, that illnesses are an external physical somatic expression of our negative feelings. What we think, what we feel, what we keep inside as repressed emotions, manifest outside like an explosion, a transformation, a loss, and affect our body, our mind, our internal organs, our blood, our DNA, our liquids, our life, our relationships, what we are.

All our fears, the lies we tell ourselves, our anger, our resentments became illnesses, physical, mental, distress, embarrassment, death.

I wasn't aware before... for so many years.

Surely I was living in a different distant world, made of obscurity and negativity.

It is like taking heavy drugs, the only difference is that this natural drugs was created by my chemical emotional reactions and that was the worst thing that it could have happened to me.

But, as I said I wasn't aware. I wasn't conscious. I wasn't awake.

I wasn't putting myself at the top of my list. I was thinking more about others, what they could feel. I was forgotten about the most important person in my life, myself, my best friend.

I thought there was not exit, but I found one, I tried to explore myself through my photography personal projects like a therapy having conversations with other human beings, with open heart, without any judgment, letting the energy of connection flowing like magic, and strangely through desperation and pain at some point a new door opened up to me.

A realisation! Eureka!

I felt like I wasted all my life, but I needed that shit to become who I am now!

Shit becomes gold!It is the principle of alchemy.

I was born to learn this in this experience called life and to find a way to go forward to understand the truth about myself, even if there was sad.

Most of us are not aware of our own story. I was one of them.