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The magic rabbit and the nonsense...

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Chris, do you know what? It's better if you keep them!!

Yes! Those books about photography on the shelf, next to your bed.

That one of Araki "Tokyo Lucky Hole" and 'Bob Colacello's "Out" that you gave me a couple of months ago for my Birthday.

Now you are angry at me, you don't feel good and you don't want to see me anymore. I remember last time you saw me, it was at the forth floor, in the building where you lived.

The rabbit in the countryside, © Loredana Denicola
The rabbit in the countryside, © Loredana Denicola

While we were discussing about silly things, you wanted to jump from the window because of me. You asked me to leave but I didn't.

Then instead of jumping from the forth floor, you took your key, and left, slapping the door and leaving me alone inside your house.

I made you angry - you said.

I don’t see any sense in all of this, it is not my fault if you don't feel good.

Don't blame me for your unhappiness.

I don’t want those books with me anymore.

Take them with you please!

Photography keeps focused on reality but reality is the most nonsensical distortion of truth. I dreamed an orange little dog tonight, wags his tail and looked at me with his red eyes.

My inner child was trying to reach him and play with him but our distance was almost the same all the times.

There was this huge field with tall green grass surrounding me.

And this little orange dog looking at me happy, in the tall green grass.

And the sky, nothing else.

Again, I was trying to reach him, walking towards him and I couldn’t get him. That distance was always the same, and I felt sad.

At same point, I stopped and looked at him smiling.

Why did you stop? - said the magic rabbit.

I looked at him surprised. He was talking.

I cannot reach you, I said.

I was calm and disappointed.

But I was feeling the fresh grass under my naked feet and I was liking that sensation.

The magic is not lost! It’s up to you!

Do you see the magic as well?

I do.

by Loredana Denicola - Thoughts and Reflections

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