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Reflections on Distance and Perception

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Chris, you know what? It's better if you keep them! Yes, those photography books on the shelf next to your bed. The one by Araki, 'Tokyo Lucky Hole,' and Bob Colacello's 'Out' that you gifted me a couple of months ago for my birthday.

I sense your anger, your discomfort, and your desire not to see me anymore. I recall our last meeting on the fourth floor of your building, where things took a troubling turn. As we discussed trivial matters, you reached a breaking point. You even contemplated leaping from the window because of me.

You asked me to leave, but I refused. Instead of jumping, you grabbed your keys and departed, slamming the door shut, leaving me alone in your home. You claimed I had provoked your anger.

I fail to find any logic in all of this. Your unhappiness is not my fault. Please, take those books with you. I don't want them anymore.

The rabbit in the countryside, © Loredana Denicola
The rabbit in the countryside, © Loredana Denicola

Photography, despite its focus on reality, often captures the most nonsensical distortions of truth.

In my dream last night, I encountered a small, orange dog with a wagging tail and piercing red eyes.

My inner child yearned to reach out and play with the dog, but our separation remained constant.

A vast field of tall green grass enveloped me, with the little orange dog appearing delighted amid the grass.

The sky stretched above, vast and unending.

I persistently tried to close the gap, walking toward the dog, yet I couldn't bridge the distance. It remained unaltered, leaving me with a sense of melancholy. Eventually, I paused and smiled at the dog.

"Why did you stop?" inquired the magical rabbit, surprising me with its ability to speak.

"I cannot reach you" I replied, my demeanour calm but tinged with disappointment.

However, I relished the sensation of the fresh grass beneath my bare feet. The magic, it seemed, was not lost.

"It's up to you!" proclaimed the magic rabbit.

"Do you see the magic as well?"

"I do."



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