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Stripping Layers: A Conversation with Myself

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Every now and then, I would like to forget myself.

Slowly removing one by one those layers of skin I have accumulated over the years, which have hardened me, causing me to forget about myself, making me forget about that fabulous vulnerability that has been with me since birth.

That sweet fragility that is so dear to me, close to poetry and the magic of the Universe of which I am a part.

I find myself wanting to strip away these layers, even when I am naked.

I want to appear naked, without defenses, simple as I am.

Dark and luminous at the same time, with all my strength and all my weakness.

Naked, forever, beyond death, to start my new "transformation" into a higher being, increasingly bare but decidedly stronger and unique, like a tree that sheds all its leaves and reveals its skeleton exposed to rain and wind, without covering itself with the clothing of leaves, in winter.

I want to be like the sea, beautiful, crystal clear blue, so reassuring but also impetuous, destructive, powerful.

Simple. Deep. Mysterious.

Sarah, concorso 'Immagini e parole"
Sarah, concorso 'Immagini e parole"

Many worship it, go to visit it, bathe in it, confide their secrets to it, touch the water with their bare feet, which warms or chills and scares them.

Entering is not for everyone.

The depth is frightening.

It can kill you.

You can die, and you are so afraid to die.

You should let go, towards the unknown, the unfamiliar. To live.

I know I don't know you well. I have kept you so hidden that I have almost forgotten you existed. I promise I'll bring you out little by little. Be patient, though.

I told you I'll bring you out, but help me, manifest yourself, explode, experiment, give me ideas, be creative, guide me towards true Art, the one that is felt within, that discovers the soul, that touches it gently.

Guide me towards pure love, towards pleasurable but sacred sex, towards unbridled, original, unique creativity that belongs to us, mine and yours.

We are friends, you and I, let's trust each other. Let's enjoy, have fun, embrace, love.

Text and photograph by Loredana Denicola

Partecipazione al Concorso: IMMAGINI E PAROLE


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