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Plastic surgery, the mystery of imaginary ugliness …

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

It is a mystery why people visit a cosmetic surgeon demanding a face lift to cure an imaginary ugliness ( there are extreme cases where plastic surgery is absolutely necessary of course! ....), like for example the 35-45 year old woman who are convinced that they look old even though their appearance is normal or young girls who are convinced that they are ugly because their mouth, nose or bust measurements don’t much the reigning Hollywood celebrities advertised on magazines, or the most popular girls in school.

These people react just as if they suffered an actual disfigurement, they feel the same shame, their scars, though mental and emotional rather than physical, are just debilitating. Wealth, success, power and celebrity are no more guarantees of happiness and peace of mind than surgical improvement of some personal appearance flaw.

The self image is the real secret

To really live, that is to find life reasonably satisfying, you must have an adequate and realistic self-image that you can live with. You have to look at yourself in the mirror and must find yourself acceptable to you. You must have an healthy self-esteem.

You must have a self that you can trust and believe in.

When a facial disfigurement is corrected by plastic surgery, dramatic psychologic changes result only if there is a corresponding correction of the mutilated self-image.

Sometimes the image of a disfigured self persists even after successful surgery, much the same as the "phantom limb" may continue to feel pain years after the physical arm or leg has been amputated.

Then it is about inner self image, how to obtain a psychological, emotional, and spiritual face lift, how to remove emotional scars, how to channel attitudes and thoughts as well as modify physical appearance.

The brain is surely the most complex and surprising thing that could exist in the world. It is difficult after years of wrong programming to be able to observe oneself without judging, observing all one's wounds, not only physically but above all psychological, emotional for deprogramming all our insecurities and fears ... those evil fears that let us create imaginary diseases that then manifest themselves in reality.

It is thought that everything happens because it has to happen, maybe because there is a 'God' or because there is a destiny ... but why not start saying - ... maybe I'm just responsible for everything that happens to me and surrounds me. And from there start to change instead of blaming imaginary enemies.

You may also disagree ...

Let's leave plastic surgery to those who really need it. Shall we?

Woman did plastic surgery
Plastic Surgery

World War I, the birth of plastic surgery ....
World War I, the birth of plastic surgery ....

by Loredana Denicola

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