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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I understand that photography is becoming more and more something personal and intimate. Attention is increasingly directed towards human being, inner and emotional life, introspection, self-therapy.

This interests me because lately we have witnessed an abuse of technical virtuosity, too many landscapes, too much cerebral and incomprehensible photography, all ways to escape inner life, anxiety, universal pain.

I try to transform pain into art - this is what I feel inside ...

untitled by Loredana Denicola - the subject is expressing his own feeling in front of the photocamera
Untitled by Loredana Denicola - to transform pain into gold

When I work with photography, I simply listen to the emotions, thoughts and physical sensations and what I do is only what I feel or feel the urge for, which is what I fear most.

In this phase, at the same time, I define the context, frame, light I want to see at that precise moment, looking for simple beauty but without spending too much time on it: beauty must spontaneously manifest itself from within

My goal is that others can see themselves deeply through my works and that they can be understood (not accepted but perceived) by anyone, without the need for a degree in contemporary art.

I am interested in the human being in all its aspects and the naked body emphasizes humanity in my subjects, it helps them to make themselves vulnerable, to come into deep contact with life and death, with their sexuality or for example to reflect on the relationship with their mother or father or experiences that they lived in childhood and by which they were unconsciously affected.

All this helps the authenticity of the image precisely because it will contain a multiplicity of emotions and problems so as to be able to constitute a sort of mirror for many different people who will be able to find and see each other again in that image.

I don't have a particular and defined approach.

It really depends on the moment and the person in front of me.

Now it is essential to express all the terrible, the painful, the pathetic from which we all escape.

It is important to turn shit into gold.

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