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Transforming Pain into Art: A Personal Journey through Photography

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

I understand that photography is becoming more and more personal and intimate. Attention is increasingly directed towards the human being, their inner and emotional life, introspection, and self-therapy.

This interests me because lately, we have witnessed an abuse of technical virtuosity, too many landscapes, and overly cerebral and incomprehensible photography—all ways to escape inner life, anxiety, and universal pain.

I strive to transform pain into art; this is what I feel inside.

When I work with photography, I simply listen to the emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations. What I create is a reflection of what I feel or the urge I experience, even if it's what I fear the most. In this phase, I also define the context, frame, and light I want to capture at that precise moment, looking for simple beauty without spending too much time on it.

Beauty must spontaneously manifest itself from within.

Transform pain into gold, Japanese philosophy
Transform pain into gold, Japanese philosophy, vase taken from the Internet

My goal is for others to deeply connect with my works, to understand them (not necessarily accept them) without the need for a degree in contemporary art.

I'm interested in exploring the human being in all its aspects, and the naked body emphasises their humanity.

It helps them become vulnerable, establishing a profound connection with life and death, their sexuality, or, for example, reflection on their relationships with their parents and childhood experiences that unconsciously affect them.

All of this contributes to the authenticity of the image, as it contains a multitude of emotions and issues. It serves as a mirror for various individuals who can find and recognise themselves in that image.

I don't have a particular and defined approach. It truly depends on the moment and the person in front of me.

In today's world, it's crucial to express all that is terrible, painful, and pathetic, from which we all tend to escape.

It's essential to turn adversity into something beautiful, like turning 'shit into gold.'"


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