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The covid-19 and Mesagne, my hometown

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

A reflection ...

We are living in strange times, absolutely singular.

Below are some photographs of Mesagne's streets, the city where I was born. Today is the16th March 2020.

We are living in the coronavirus or Covid-19's time.

Surely there will be a reason, which I do not yet know.

The coronavirus makes us think. Make myself think. It makes us review our lifestyle, our daily routine, our relationships, the sense of family, our choices and our spirituality.

Everything outside has stopped.

This epochal transition makes us reflect.

What we call 'disease' puts our existence in crisis, to the point of not being able to 'stay next to others', momentarily for fear of contagion, but also to activate a sense of responsibility.

Will we emerge more aware of this time of deprivation, rediscovering the taste for life, for sociality, for freedom?

Not being able to stand next to each other hurts humanity and afflicts our relationships. We discover a completely new and unknown era.

What is the point of this disease?

Everything is connected.

Are sickness and death a punishment?

Will hope help us?

Will it help us to be more responsible?


Perhaps we have reached a very important moment in history where it becomes a urge to renew ourselves internally, to finally discover what is essential in our lives, what gives us joy, serenity and peace, to have more trust in humanity.

Seneca once wrote - we live as we should always live, forgetting how fragile we are.

We've always felt like gods, we do. Then, a virus is enough to bring us back to reality and to reflect on the meaning of life. Let's use this moment to grow, to re-establish contact with ourselves and mother nature.

'To stop' is no longer a choice. It is a must.

Everything is still, immobile.

We have broken our illusions that have always prevented us from raising our eyes to the sky, looking at the stars, nature, fill us with serenity, feel the sun warm up, breathe the mountain air, listen to the sound of the sea, talk to our children, look them in the eye, love them ...

We find ourselves afraid, when we look at our tiny presence on this planet that we almost destroyed, thinking we are immortal.

Our obligation to the planet is mutual.

But how can we know if we have forgotten about ourselves?

We surely are not well.

Will this period be needed to reflect and change?

My streets .... from which I have removed the color of life.



le strade di Mesagne
The covid-19 and Mesagne, my hometown | Loredana Denicola
le strade di Mesagne
The covid-19 and Mesagne, my hometown | Loredana Denicola