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Updated: Dec 31, 2021

What is a table for a one year old?

It is a roof.

You can crouch down there and feel like you are the master of the house: of a custom-built house, not as big and terrible as an adult house.

A chair is interesting, because you can push it here and there, to measure your strength, you can overturn or drag it, you can even hit it, if unfortunately you hit your head against: 'ugly chair ha ha'.

The table and the chair, which for us are invisible objects, which we automatically use, are for the child the materials of a multidimensional exploration, in which knowledge and fable, experience and symbolization go hand in hand.

The child never ceases to play with them, to explore, to formulate hypotheses.

He makes fantastic use of it.

Thus, part of his knowledge is the notion that opening the tap makes the water flow; but this does not prevent him from believing that 'on the other side' there is a 'gentleman' who puts water in the hose, so that it can come out of the tap.

A child is a scientist, but also an animist (the table is bad, it gives life to everything) and these characteristics coexist with him for a good number of years.

But do we do well to tell him stories in which objects in the house are the protagonists or do we risk damaging his scientific spirit?

Playing with real things helps you get to know them better and you don't have to put limits on the ability of the game.

Fantasy is not something to be afraid of. Each object, according to its nature, offers holds to the story.

I also invented a prince made of ice cream with a cherry hat on his head.

He lived in a refrigerator and couldn't wait to melt and turn into a toad,

I arranged a marriage between a black dog and a butterfly.

I created a character who comes to visit me at night, at home, and takes me to fly in the sky, among the clouds. I told my 5 and 6 year old grandchildren. I immediately ran to my father and said: is it true?

But how beautiful is it to play with our imagination?

Fables are important, stories are important. Never stop flying with your imagination, just like a child.

I do it often .... and you?

Child, image taken from the Internet
Child, image taken from the Internet

by Loredana Denicola - Thoughts and Reflections

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