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On identity ...

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Our identity (definition of identity : the fact of being who or what a person or thing is) is a story that we constantly construct and embellish in our mind.

We can compare our mind to a machine that constantly produce stories.

If we are capable to observe our mind we can see the stories we tell to ourselves.

But among all these stories there is especially one very important which is 'my story', the story that each of us has in his/her mind which is different from anyone else.

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Different people specialise in different genres.

Some of us will build a story of tragedy.

Others will build a comedy or a drama but it will all be tied to our personal past experiences which are unique. And in the end, we realise that the self is just a story and not the real thing.

Let's have a look at the profiles created on social networks.

Let's take Facebook as an example.

Facebook does not reflect our current reality.

We all look so perfect in the photos we post of ourselves, in what we say and deep down, let's be honest, most of us feel envious of each other ...

What is the role of truth in the story we tell ourselves about ourselves?

We constantly make up stories in our mind, we change them just like the news on TV are changed. It's like making fictional films and this mechanical habit is actually very crazy.

Sometimes, if we are not careful, it can lead us to self-destruction.

All the pieces of our life only end when we tell the story to ourselves or to someone else - and it is only then that it makes all sense, that awareness enters us.

We have, I don't know this kind of fantasy, like for example going to a retreat or taking a week or two out of life to really observe what's going on inside of us, to explore who we are and then when we actually do it, the first thing we usually encounter is discovering all the things we don't want to know about ourselves.

It is worth it, but it really is a hard task.

The illusion comes not only on ourselves but also from the people around us.

For example, if we look at what is happening in the world, there are billions of people killing each other because of all kinds of fiction, stories and illusions they are believing in.

It is very difficult to always live with the truth, because it can kill us.

It causes suffering and pain.

But the illusion, not recognizing the difference between illusion and reality can really create a false perception of reality, of which we are not aware and we live our life carried by false stories, which are most of the times, not true.

Did you realise that too?

... by Loredana Denicola

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