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Awakening True Potential: A Vision for Education and Prosperity

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Those words, I would never forget them.

Today, I see them coming true, and I know there is nothing to teach the youth except to peel away the surface and bring forth true knowledge, the power of their uniqueness, their true nature of being winged. Of being real.

External teachings are merely a pretext.

The real work of a school is the elimination of every compromise, limit, prejudice, hypocrisy, fear, and doubt accumulated since childhood, the product of old education, an education seemingly designed solely to suppress the most real thing there is: the Dream.

A true school doesn't pretend it can give anything to its students; it knows it cannot add anything to what they already possess within their being.

It only needs to bring it to light. It's a process of eliminating everything that obstructs intelligence.

True education is to "remember" one's uniqueness, originality, the Dream.

'Economy is a way of thinking.'

Only those who are truly alive can create wealth.

'Material wealth is just a metaphor for true wealth, the litmus test of a state of integrity, intelligence, inner prosperity.'

'Economy is a state of being.'

A country's economy, the level of material well-being it has achieved, is a reflection of the way that society thinks and feels.

The value system, the quality of thought, is the cause.

The Economy is the effect.

Green ©Loredana Denicola
Green ©Loredana Denicola

Quality creates quantity and never the other way around.

When the dream fades, when values wither, wealth diminishes, and the need arises to educate responsible individuals capable of connecting to their country's dream, of nourishing its roots.

The life of an entire civilisation depends on the existence of such individuals.

The main obstacle that ambitious projects encounter is not financial or natural resources but the scarcity of individuals capable of bearing inner responsibility, of holding that luminous idea and believing in it with all their strength.

Economic wealth is merely the reflection of an organisation's invisibility, of a nation.

'Prosperity comes from within.' ...........

The business world needs new generations of visionary leaders, entrepreneurs capable of harmonising the apparent age-old antagonisms: Economy and Ethics, Financial Power and Love.

What we call reality is nothing more than the reflection of our states of being.

The human mind is in conflict; its reason is armed... that's why we only know an Economy of survival, one that believes in limits and has made death the planet's biggest industry, the keystone on which nations' wealth rests.

From the arms industry to environmental pollution, from pharmaceutical production to organised crime, countries and people serve the economy of disaster, the economy of conflict.

'True Education is freedom from every form of hypnotism, dependence, superstition. True education is the abandonment of one's inner conflicts. Individual Respons-Ability is the key.

The ability to be Respons - able....

A new world is possible.


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