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Thriving as an Artist: Making a Meaningful Contribution

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Being a successful artist is not only about showing and selling your work or becoming known; it’s about understanding your purpose, your calling, and presenting yourself and your work with unwavering confidence and conviction about who you are and what your art stands for.

Having a firm grasp of why you are in this and what compels you to make art is key. Combined with a genuine willingness to experiment with new styles, subject matters, and techniques, to continually evolve and advance in your practice, and to reach out to others in ever more creative ways – that is what it means to not only survive but also thrive and prosper as an artist. Impact someone else’s life with your art in a meaningful way, and not only might you make a sale, but you will also enrich the world with just a little bit more goodness.

Think of your art as a conversation starter, as a means of reaching out to other people and affecting their lives, of offering your own unique perspective, of helping others see things in new and different ways.

Michael Duane Photography
Michael Duane Photography

Art breaks down barriers.

It brings people together.

It gives us permission to connect with one another and makes reaching out easier. Art sometimes even allows us to confront or broach difficult or sensitive subjects with total strangers because it's there to break the ice first. That’s what surviving as an artist is really all about – making a difference, a contribution that works to everyone’s advantage.

by Loredana Denicola - Thoughts and Reflections


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