Photography work at FLUXExhibition 2016 - 3 pictures of "I Am Your Mirror"

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

November 02nd-06th 2016 The Old Truman Brewery, London  Private View: November 3rd 6:30-9:30pm

I had a pleasure to be selected and to show my work at FLUXExhibition 2016.

Hosted by the iconic Old Truman Brewery in East London and curated by Lisa Gray founder of FLUX, this year’s much anticipated exhibition, has represented a rare opportunity to gain access to a diverse group of 140 artists on the path of being the big names of tomorrow. 

It was great to take part of this big event, it had the size of an Art fair but it was a carefully curated exhibition. I liked the way my pictures were hung on the wall and I liked the atmosphere, very open people and lot of artworks to see, all unique in its own.

It was one of my first big collective experience, I was also the official photographer for the private view other than exhibit 3 of my pictures  (limited edition of 3)  of my first photography project called " I Am Your Mirror".

'I Am your Mirror' began to evolve over a year ago  and  reflects the image/idea that ‘I am you and You are me’. It is energy, therapeutic release. The process is arose through the connection made,  the trust shared in the brief time looking through the camera/mirror whilst beginning to get to know each other.

With photography we can unlock doors but we can also  disturb ourselves, as when we look in a mirror. Do we like what we see?  

The project comprehends 13 pictures but I showed only 3.

'Simplicity is the most ultimate form of sophistication but it is also very difficult to understand' ...

I loved the way people reacted to my work  during the opening night. They were probably 800/900 people. Many stopped to see what I do, few were collecting my postcards and business cards. I thought it was nice to leave something of me,  and I prepared some nice postcards to explain what my project is about.

Me & my artwork (2016)

I was glad to hear their comments and their emotional involvement in what I do. After the explanation of the project I collected some very nice comments like genial, impressive, controversial, sacred, beautiful and of course few of them laugh at it as well.

Despite all, I believe in what I do and this project is amazing. I am sure I will find a gallery that will exhibit it soon because it is powerful.

I love my work and on the wall is even better, it is amazingly powerful seeing myself as the observer and the observed.

Definitely this experience has been amazing and I learned few things. Also, I become more confident and strong as I realised that I have something to say. People were curious and interested in my photography work and this gave me a better understanding that what I am doing has a big potential.

Thank you Lisa Grey for the opportunity.

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