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Alejandro Jodorowsky's magic

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I am deeply convinced of the magic of life.

Magic is not superstition, magic is the world's nature.

The world is neither logical nor rational, it is magical, and there is a close link between everything that happens. Time is not linear, the effects are sometimes produced before the causes, some things are inexplicable ... reality is miraculous, it is magical.

It follows principles that are not scientific. Reality is not scientific.

This life that we'd like to be logical is actually insane, shocking, wonderful and cruel.

Our behavior, which we claim to be logical and aware, is in fact irrational, crazy, contradictory.

Reality is like a dream in which we have to work in order to progressively pass from the unconscious dream, which can always turn into a nightmare, to the "lucid"one.

If we observe clearly our reality we discover that it is poetic, illogical, exuberant. In life, as in dream, to remain lucid one must distance oneself, act without identifying oneself with the action.

It is an ancient spiritual principle.

Spiritual traditions speak of those who have awakened; to wake up is to stop dreaming. In other words, it is disappearing from this dream universe to transform into the person who dreams of it.

We are beings taught by a culture that formats our brains.

We have to fight against this imposition to be ourselves.

We are used to living in a linear world, within a cubic and rational architecture, and for this reason, at a given moment, we are forced to break limitations. Often we cannot do this, precisely because we are prisoners inside our mind.

The ideal is to think without nationality, without sexual definition and without being deformed by the solar system. There are many who get carried away by the film of life. Most want to be like others and this leads them to be dead while they are still alive. We must be able to find what distinguishes us from others in order to be something.

By trying to look like others, we turn ourselves into zombies.

We must face our own death, the unexpected, our shadow, the worms that swarm within us. If you have not accepted that you must die, you have achieved nothing. Only having accepted that we are passing through frees us from the thought of death.

What frightens us loses all power the moment we stop fighting it.

Our fear feeds the opponent's animosity, while the will to face him with love disarms him, that is to say, makes him change disposition.

Since ancient times we have placed a lot of value on the expression "Know thyself", which is actually quite confusing.

People think it's something like "Go out and find". Actually when we say "Know thyself", that "thyself" is the universe.

The universe knows itself.

"Know me" says the universe. In God's voice, know yourself means ... know me.

Alejandro Jodorowsky

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