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Embracing the Magic of Life: A Journey Beyond Logic

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

I hold an unwavering belief in the enchantment of life.

Magic isn't mere superstition; it's inherent in the very essence of our world. This world isn't constrained by logic or rationality; it is, in fact, a realm of magic, where everything is intricately interconnected.

Time doesn't flow linearly here; causes sometimes yield effects before their inception, and certain phenomena remain inexplicable. Reality is a marvel, a realm of enchantment rather than scientific certitude.

Life, which we often seek to comprehend through logic, is, in actuality, a tapestry of the insane, the astonishing, the wondrous, and the cruel.

Alejandro Jodorowsky
Alejandro Jodorowsky

Our behaviours, though we claim them to be logical and conscious, are often irrational, bewildering, and paradoxical.

Reality is akin to a dream, and, akin to a dream, to maintain lucidity, we must observe without becoming entangled in the unfolding actions.

This principle holds roots in ancient spiritual teachings.

Spiritual traditions narrate the tales of those who have awakened - the act of awakening entails transcending the dream. In essence, it signifies departing from the dream universe to become the dreamer.

We are beings molded by a culture that shapes our minds, and we must resist this imposition to embrace our true selves. Accustomed to a linear world ensconced in cubic, rational structures, we often find ourselves compelled to shatter these limitations. Yet, such emancipation eludes many, as they remain imprisoned within the confines of their own minds.

The aspiration is to think without nationality, devoid of sexual definitions, and untouched by the influence of the solar system. Many succumb to the allure of life's spectacle, desiring to emulate others, thereby becoming the living dead. To discover our unique essence amidst the multitude is our endeavour.

By attempting to mimic others, we reduce ourselves to mere echoes.

We must confront our own mortality, the unexpected, our shadows, and the inner turmoil that resides within us. Accepting the transient nature of our existence liberates us from the shackles of death's fear. What terrifies us loses its potency the moment we cease to combat it.

Our fear fuels the adversary's hostility, while the determination to confront it with love disarms it - effecting a transformation in its disposition.

For eons, the maxim "Know thyself" has held great significance, though its interpretation is often perplexing. People misconstrue it as an external quest, akin to "Go out and find yourself." In truth, "Know thyself" means recognising that "thyself" is the universe.

The universe seeks self-awareness, and in its voice, "know thyself" translates to "know me."

Alejandro Jodorowsky


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