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Capturing the Essence of Luminarie: A Photographic Journey with Rina Rizzi

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

During my stay in Puglia, Italy, amidst the challenges posed by Covid-19, I had the pleasure of collaborating with a talented artist named Rina Rizzi.

Rina is a skilled jewelry craftsman who meticulously creates her pieces.

Her creations draw inspiration from the landscapes of Apulia. She reached out to me to work as a photographer and breathe life into her new silver collection called "LUMINARIE."

She expressed the need for someone who could infuse a creative touch and soul into her collection. The "Luminarie" jewelry collection is inspired by a rich historical tradition: the Salento art of the Luminarie.

But what are the Luminarie?

Every Apulian has an immediate and heartfelt response when they hear the word "Luminarie."

It invokes happy memories of harmonious and dazzling displays of lights and colours set to the rhythm of music. The air is filled with the aroma of sweet almonds and nougat as these displays grace the streets. The Luminarie lights, situated between the sacred and the profane, stand as an eternal symbol of the South. They commemorate traditions with luminous structures that adorn churches, villages, and streets during the days of the patron saint and town fairs. Under the enchanting glow of the Luminarie, people come together to celebrate and feel at home. Their symbolic significance is invaluable. Light takes center stage during these festivities, creating a beauty that mesmerises and brings joy to all. Light is a fundamental element of life, and Rina believes that Luminarie jewels offer light and beauty to the wearer.

They symbolise openness, rebirth, and a good life.

Le Luminarie
Le Luminarie

Our approach for this project was to use natural light for both the silver creations and Valentina, her model - a naturally radiant young woman -making her debut in a photographic photoshoot.

The makeup was expertly done by Robs Maha. For the location, we opted for the charming streets and squares of Mesagne's historic center.

It provided the perfect backdrop for the jewelry photoshoot.

Rina's shop is situated in a quaint square within the town - Piazza Antonio Criscuolo, Mesagne BR.

The scorching, sunny days of a Southern Italian summer presented the only challenge, but we managed to overcome every obstacle, ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience.

I invite all of you to explore her exquisite creations on her Facebook page:

Following some shots ....

by Loredana Denicola


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