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Exciting Times Ahead: 'Angst' Exhibition in Paris

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

I am so happy! Exciting times in March!

I will exhibit my video - 'Do you love yourself?' - along with three black and white pictures for the first time in Paris, alongside 20 other artists. This exhibition is organised by a young collective of artists called Hybrid Action, and it's called "ANGST."

Looking forward to it!

Action Hybride places the raw expression of the body at the center of social relations, making it its political dimension for a more genuine world.

ANGST, Art Exhibition organised by Action Hybride
ANGST, Art Exhibition organised by Action Hybride

I present to you the 21 international artists who will be part of the "Angst" exhibition (a human body exhibition) to be held from March 8th to 11th, 2018, at La Capela, 20 Rue Philippe De Girard, 75010 Paris:

Fur Aphrodite (Paris) Alexine Chanel (Berlin) Anne Marie Toffolo (Paris) Olivier Lelong (Strasbourg) Francesca Sand (Paris) Sara Jeanmougin (Paris) Sophie Merrison (Berlin) Louise Dumont (Paris) Vanda Spengler (Paris) Nicola Fornoni, brescia Danilo Andres (Berlin) Maria Clark (Paris) Pascaline Rey (Paris) Loredana Denicola, (London) Stefania Zorzi, (Brescia) Antony Lunardi (Lucca) Barbara Kowa (Berlin) Elisabetta Zelaya (Nîmes) Wendy Nouse (Maastricht) Sylvie Shiwei Barber (Paris-London) Roddy Laroche Samsonoff (Paris)

See you there!


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