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Through the Viewfinder: A Journey of Self-Expression, Love Yourself

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

"Love Yourself" is a photography workshop curated by Loredana Denicola. It is a project designed exclusively for women who have endured any form of physical or psychological violence.

Photography is a powerful medium of expression.

It has helped me understand myself and others, broaden my perspective, connect with my emotions, appreciate differences with respect, develop ideas and projects, and embrace the nuances of light and time.

I feel compelled to share this enthusiasm with others.

It would be wonderful to be like a camera, always with an open lens to allow only light in.

"Love Yourself" was initiated around 2016 as a photographic and video project centered on women and men who have faced violent relationships, physical abuse, or various forms of psychological violence. The heart of the workshop lies in each participant's story, filled with their unique experiences, emotions, expressed through listening, dialogue, imagination, hopes, and newfound possibilities for action.

These stories become fertile ground within the supportive environment of the workshop and are translated into photographic images.

Photography serves as an opportunity, a choice to narrate and reveal one's past and present.

Loredana Denicola states, "I teach them how to use a camera to capture images with complete freedom and autonomy."

Looking through the viewfinder signifies looking within oneself, the ability to make choices, to be... to share one's story in a fresh and distinctive manner.

We eagerly anticipate the participation of women in this transformative journey.

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