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Unlocking Genius: The Power of the Sixth Sense

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Genius is developed through the Sixth sense.

This sixth sense is called creative imagination.

The faculty of creative imagination is one that the majority of people never use during an entire lifetime, and if used at all, it usually happens by mere accident. Only a relatively small number of people use the faculty of creative imagination.

Those who use this faculty voluntarily, and with an understanding of its function, are geniuses. The faculty of creative imagination is the direct link between the finite mind of man and infinite intelligence.

All so-called revelations referred to in the realm of religion, and all discoveries of basic or new principles in the field of invention, take place through the faculty of creative imagination. The creative imagination functions best when the mind is vibrating at a high rate. The creative faculty becomes more alert and receptive to vibrations originating outside the individual's subconscious mind the more this faculty is used, and the more the individual relies upon it, and makes demands upon it for thought impulses.

Man with a Pig Mask in a forest
The pig, Epping Forest © Loredana Denicola

This faculty can be cultivated and developed only through use.

That which is known as one's conscience operates entirely through the faculty of the sixth sense.

The great artists, writers, musicians, and poets become great because they acquire the habit of relying upon the 'still small voice' which speaks from within, through the faculty of creative imagination.

It is a fact well known to people who have 'keen' imaginations that their best ideas come through so-called hunches.

There is a great orator who does not attain to greatness until he closes his eyes and begins to rely entirely upon the faculty of creative imagination. When asked why he closes his eyes just before the climaxes of his oratory, he replied, 'I do it because then I speak through ideas which come to me from within'.

Ideas received through the creative faculty are much more reliable, for the reason that they come from sources more reliable than any available to the reasoning faculty of the mind. The major difference between the genius and the ordinary crack inventor may be found in the fact that the genius works through the faculty of creative imagination, while the 'crank' knows nothing of this faculty.

The desire for sexual expression is by far the strongest and most impelling of all human emotions, and for this very reason, this desire when harnessed and transmuted into action other than that of physical expression, may raise one to the status of a genius.

One of the most successful men owes most of his success to the influence of a very charming young woman who has served as his source of inspiration for more than twelve years.

The most powerful of all human emotions is that of sex.

There are other mind stimulants, but none of them, nor all of them combined, can equal the driving power of sex.

Love, Romance, and Sex are all emotions capable of driving men and women to heights of super achievements. Love is the emotion which serves as a safety valve and insures balance, poise, and constructive effort.

When combined, these three emotions may lift one to an altitude of genius.

There are genii, however, who know but little of the emotion of love. Most of them may be found engaged in some form of action which is destructive or, at least, not based upon justice toward others.

The emotions are states of mind.

Nature has provided man with a chemistry of mind which operates in a manner similar to the principles of the chemistry of matter.

The presence of any one or more of the destructive emotions in the human mind, through the chemistry of the mind, sets up a poison that may destroy one's sense of justice and fairness.

The road to genius consists of the development, control, and use of sex, love, and romance. Encourage the presence of these emotions as the dominating thoughts in one's mind and discourage the presence of all destructive emotions.

The mind is a creature of habit.

Through the faculty of willpower, one may discourage the presence of any emotion and encourage the presence of any other.

Control of the mind, through the power of will, is not difficult. Control comes from persistence and habit. The secret of control lies in understanding the process of transmutation. When any negative emotion presents itself in one's mind, it can be transmuted into a positive or constructive emotion by the simple procedure of changing one's thought.

There is no other road to genius than through voluntary self-effort.

Love is, without question, life's greatest experience.

When mixed with the emotions of romance and sex, it may lead one far up the ladder of creative effort. The emotions of love, sex, and romance are sides of the eternal triangle of achievement-building genius.

Nature creates geniuses through no other force.

Have a good day!



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