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The Theatre of the Mind video photography project

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

press release

Nervegna Art Cafè opens its doors to a video-photographic project by the artist Loredana Denicola. The Theatre of the Mind will be presented to the public in the form of video-art projection and photography, curated by Ilaria Caravaglio and Valeria Gatti.

Every Thursday, starting from 16 September and until 28 October, a meeting will be held in the garden of the Cafeteria, in the presence of the artist and curators, in which one of the 7 videos that will involve the project will be presented and screened.

The Theatre of the Mind is an installation project of seven videos and photographs; each video varies from 25 to 50 minutes, for a total of 5 hours.

The project is an exploration into the facets of the mind. An invitation that, starting from a personal need of the artist, extends to the public, aiming to open a dialogue with the viewer/spectator. It is a video-photographic project based on trust, on the exploration of oneself through the other as enrichment and discovery, on acceptance; because everything that irritates us in others says something about us.

Prejudice does not concern only individuals or groups, but can impregnate an entire culture and behaviour towards other cultures.

In fact, prejudice subtly undermines human relationships, sometimes abruptly.

It is our prejudices and ideals that deprive us of the capacity and energy necessary to think, observe, investigate and then discover for ourselves what lies behind the confusion, unhappiness, terror and violence that exist in us, human beings and in the world.

What are our thoughts? Are we free from fears, conditioning and prejudices?

The characters are:

Alan, the cross-dresser

Humaira, I choose my religion, Islam

Stephanie, finally I am me, a woman

Madkillermiller – an unimportant person with a business card

Louis Grey Magus is my alter ego

Tacco Matto, I am my emotions

Graça and her imaginary dogs

Videos are in English language with Italian subtitles.

Italian subtitles are edited by me and professors Francesco Bucci, Barbara Baldassarre, Francesco Tommasi and Rita Greco. 'The theatre of the mind' is an invitation to a total and empathic immersion with the story of the subject.

The public is invited to relate to the work with sincerity, courage and freedom.


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Below are some photos of the inauguration. Photo by Davide Marti.

Alan, the crossdresser at Nervegna, Brindisi, 2021

Alan, the crossdresser at Nervegna, Brindisi, 2021