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Photographs have power

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

For some, photography is an art: for others, a job or a hobby.

But there's another, photography as therapy, photography as a friend, photography as light.

Photography helped me to re - built my self - esteem and give me the courage to show my vulnerability and accept myself.

What makes a photograph such a potent tool for healing?

A photograph is a moment frozen in time. It contains multiple layers of meaning.

What we see in the frame conveys, on one level, pure information: this is a picture of a dog barking; here is a photograph of a man walking down a road or just a landscape with green trees near a stream or just a self-portrait showing something of ourselves, our external identity.

Beyond that, though, elements of composition, color (or the tones of black and white), and the connotations of objects carry a wealth of associations, metaphorical meanings and emotional coloring.

Photographs both capture and create realities.

However we experience it, photography creates opportunities to step, however briefly, into a place where different realities intersect; a place where new windows are opened, both on the world and on ourselves.

We can use photography as a form of healing.

When we take the lens cap off our camera, we remove the lid from our internal.

The journey of healing from beginning to end allows us to clear out the clutter, touch into the feelings, and enter the chaos where the healing process happens.

Each time we click the shutter, the healing light touches places of pain we may be unaware or unable to reach. When we open the shutter to receive the light of a new photograph, we may release some pain.

Our healing becomes intentional when we set out to clear the chaos.

Sometimes is good asking questions to ourselves:

Am I seeking healing for a particular wound?

Am I so tired and full that I need to empty the chaos of life from my soul?

Imagine how you can photograph what you need.

What images form in my mind when I think about healing myself?

Where do I need to go inside me and find those images?

The healing process sometimes in unintentional, it is a natural process, a transformation from darkness to light. We simply become aware that we are using our camera to clear our mind. We may discover a problem we have been working to solve has a solution, or a new idea appears from nowhere and we decide to act, to make it real.

These are just signals that we have to listen and allow photography to empty and heal our soul.

At the end of each photography journey ask a few questions:

What surprises me about how I am feeling?

Do I feel lighter?

How did photography helped me today?

The act of photography heals our souls intentionally or unintentionally.

Our cameras provide an opportunity for the spirit to heal our wounds.

Even the location we choose plays a big role in healing.

What is photography for you?

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