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The photography work of Ann Hamilton. She uses mouth as a camera

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

I discovered photographer Ann Hamilton, through researches on Internet.

She has done beautiful art work. I like very much her'Face to Face' project, a photography series that takes a look at the lives touched by Central Texas health care system, that can touch all of us, because, at some point or another, each of our lives will intersect with the health care system.

That interconnectivity between caregivers and patients is the subject of O N E E V E R Y-O N E, a photography series, commissioned for the Dell Medical School as part of UT’s Landmarks public art program.

The pictures are extraordinary.

She hangs a unique, semi-transparent membrane between the subject and her lens, achieving something remarkable with each photograph.

She renders our sense of touch — that feeling of a hand on your arm, the sand beneath your feet — visible to the human eye.

Another project, that fascinated me was her work with a pinhole camera positioned in her mouth. She was taking a picture all the time she was opening her mouth.

The result is amazing.

Hamilton writes,

Making the orifice of language the orifice of sight, a small pinhole camera is placed within the mouth’s interior.
When my mouth opens, the film is exposed.
The resulting image is a trace presence of standing or sitting “face to face” with a person or landscape.
The figure or landscape becomes the pupil in the eye shape created by my mouth, much the same way as one sees a tiny image of oneself in the reflection of another person’s pupil.

You can find more of her work over on her website


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