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Updated: Dec 31, 2021

After 27 years I returned home, here in Italy.

And again, I find myself facing the same past dynamics and habits from which I escaped. Nothing changed.

I can see new shops and new streets.But people are the same: people who pretend, who chat, who always eat even if they are not hungry, conservative people, people who never change their minds, who do not respect the environment ... people who judge.

You'll tell - that is no true!

I say - It is true! Because they do. Dissatisfied with themselves one looks elsewhere, one lives in the falsehood of relationships just to make a 'good impression' in public, because it is difficult to really meet and show oneself as one is ... then there are lazy people who are content to always live the same way, because everything is so good for them and they do nothing to change their situation and they feel unhappy.Or are they happy?

There are those who complain about their family, the quarrels with their brothers and sisters, their negative and destructive thoughts, lack of respect and money that consumes the minds ...

... 'you can't stay in the house in the countryside - the brothers say.

... but they don't know that you are there because you have to solve problems and you can't wait to leave.

Families are strange here. Most people think negatively.

I grew up in these mental dynamics so I know what I'm saying.

People imagine things that are not real, they create confusion, negativity, non-communication; I find it difficult to communicate here.

I feel like I am living in fictional and made-up stories.

And you don't know how to defend yourself.

The only thing you can do is shut up.

Because if you talk you will not be understood.

But who does listen to today?

It is strange to live here, after 26 years.

Hope all will end soon.

by Loredana Denicola - Thoughts and Reflections

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