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Returning Home: Navigating Familiar but Unchanged Waters

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Italy, my home, welcomes me back after 27 years.

As I step onto the familiar soil, a mix of emotions engulfs me.

I am overwhelmed with nostalgia, but also struck by the realisation that some things never change.

The streets have new shops, and the town seems to have expanded, yet the people remain the same. It's as if time has stood still for them. They still engage in the same dynamics and habits that I once escaped. Nothing has shifted.

I see the same faces, the same pretenses, the same idle chatter.

People continue to eat, even when they're not hungry, and hold on to their conservative views. Change seems alien to them, and open-mindedness is a rarity. Environmental concerns fall on deaf ears, and judgments are passed without remorse.

You might say, 'That can't be true!' But I assure you, it is. I've witnessed it firsthand. Dissatisfaction with themselves leads them to seek validation elsewhere. They dwell in the falsehood of relationships, wearing masks to make a 'good impression' in public. Authenticity is scarce, as revealing one's true self is deemed difficult.

Then there are the complacent ones who tread the same path day in and day out. They bask in the comfort of routine, oblivious to the world's transformations. Are they content, or are they simply trapped in their comfort zones?

Families here are peculiar. Sibling rivalries, negative thoughts, and lack of respect taint the air. Money often consumes their thoughts, driving wedges between kin.

'You can't stay at the countryside house,' they say.

Little do they know, it's my refuge, a place where I seek solutions and escape the turmoil.

Negativity runs rampant. I was raised in the midst of these mental intricacies, so I speak from experience. Imagined scenarios breed confusion, and communication falters. Speaking feels futile, as understanding is a distant dream. Who listens these days, anyway?

Life here feels like a never-ending series of fictional tales and fabricated narratives. It's a world where self-defense means silence, because speaking brings no solace. It's a strange existence, returning after 26 long years. I can only hope for change in the days to come."

Fotografia scattata da Alessandra Sanguinetti
Fotografia scattata da Alessandra Sanguinetti

It is strange to live here, after 27 years.

Hope all will end soon.

by Loredana Denicola - Thoughts and Reflections


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