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From the project"Conversation with myself..."

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Conversation with myself ©Loredana Denicola 2015
Conversation with myself ©Loredana Denicola 2015

Conversation with myself

As I grow older I am getting more confidence.

I feel to know myself more.

Sometimes I see myself behaving badly towards both myself and the people I know, as an observer, but then I look on the bright side of it and feel like I'm learning new things from myself.

Every day is a new discovery"...and I like it!

Yes - of course! I am learning something valuable from my mistakes, all the times. Nobody is perfect and then I want to be more imperfect. Imperfection are awesome!

It is more fascinating.

Now, finally, I can see myself making mistakes and learning from them.

I see them clearly, everyday.

No, no ..... no more - I don't allow anyone to worry me anymore.

Now, I do what I think is good for me and make my own mistakes, no matter what others think.

Who are they to tell me what to do?

..... that time is gone, forever.

..... every day I become a new person, like you.

Sometimes I tolerate negative influences.

I did with friends, lovers, parents or strangers but now I can't anymore because when I do that, I don't feel good inside.

I feel shit - is it worth? - I ask myself.

No it isn't! - I answer.

I want to be happy, that's it!

No, no .... - I am not using alcohol and cigarettes or drugs to calm my nerves down.

Now I learnt to use will power - Yeeeessss!! - you know what is it??...

Will power is the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action.

My actions sometimes are awkward. I am following my inner voice. People think I am strange, that I talk no sense. But I don't care. I follow my intuition, I feel happier.

I do things without a reason now, because I feel doing it.

I am sure that doing them it is good, I am building more confidence.

I think that all these actions will bring me somewhere ....

Then, in few years, I will buy a studio, I don't know where yet, maybe close to a fervent city, in the countryside with huge glass - windows located up to the ceiling, where I can look up and see the sky and if I look straight I can see a wonderful view of the sea from my balcony.

I hope people will come and visit me.

.....just in few years.

You will see!

We will create a new concept. Something that will help everyone. Trust me. It will happens.

'Conversation with Myself ' photography project by Loredana Denicola ©2015

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