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The Power of Thought: Shaping Our Lives

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

What did you learn today?
What did you learn today?

The most important lesson I've ever learned in life is the extraordinary importance of what we think.

If I knew what you were thinking, I'd know what you are because your thoughts make you who you are.

By changing our thoughts, we can change our lives.

But do we know our thoughts?

Are we able to observe them when they suddenly pass into our minds?

Most of the time, they nest in the form of obsessions, fears, false beliefs; we imagine things that do not exist, without us being aware of them. Many times, we almost always let ourselves be influenced by them without even realising it. But how well do we really know ourselves? How committed are we to self-improvement?

Observation as a process of awareness.

The observer observing...

Today, I am convinced that the biggest problem we all have to face is choosing the right thoughts, especially for ourselves; those that make us feel good. If we succeed, we can really solve a lot of problems that oppress us. Re-seeking happiness at all costs, this is our main goal.

Marcus Aurelius said: "Our life is that which is created by our thoughts."

What thoughts do you have?

by Loredana Denicola


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