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Reconnecting with the Younger Generation: Bridging the Digital Divide

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

After 27 years, I returned home. Only temporarily...

Have you ever been out with your niece and nephew, only to notice that both of them were spending more time staring at their mobile screens than chatting with you? I felt cast aside. I don't see them very often. I tried to understand why they were acting this way. I attempted to engage in conversation with them, but they dismissed me with excuses.

I took them to the countryside, hoping for a change, but all they did was play with their cell phones and iPads. I thought to myself, 'Hmmmm, I have to find a way to capture their attention and make them change their minds, to play with me.'

However, it proved to be challenging to interact with them.

I tried to speak their language, but it didn't excite me much.

Then, I tried using my language. I gave them a couple of books, but they exclaimed, 'Are you crazy, Auntie? We don’t like reading. We're not at school.' I smiled with regret...

I attempted to play with them using their mobile devices, trying to discover where their attention was focused. The virtual apps and games they used to pass the time were not my cup of tea. They relied more on games and emojis to express their feelings, and they preferred online interactions to in-person conversations. I believe that cell phones should not be allowed in schools.

My niece & my nephew ©Loredana Denicola, 2017
My niece & my nephew ©Loredana Denicola, 2017

More emphasis should be placed on play, physical activity, imagination, creativity, cooking, and laughter. There's an unnecessary overload that needs to be eliminated, but nobody takes action. Things are left as they are.

Auntie Loredana is back and has a challenging task ahead: playing with her niece and nephew. It's time to play, read, and have fun with imagination. Let's organise an outdoor cinema!

Let's roll up our sleeves! Yeah!"

by Loredana Denicola


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