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Updated: Dec 31, 2021

After 27 years I returned home.

Only temporarily ... Have you ever been out with your niece and nephew and at some point noticing that both of them were spending more time staring at their mobile screens than chatting with me?

I felt cast aside.

I don't see them very often. I tried to understand why they were acting in that way. I tried to talk with them but they dismissed me with excuses. I brought them in the countryside and the only thing they were doing was playing with a cell phone and Ipad. I said to myself – Hmmmm, I have to find a way to attract their attention and make them change their mind, play with me.

But nothing.

My niece & my nephew ©Loredana Denicola, 2017
My niece & my nephew ©Loredana Denicola, 2017

I found difficult to interact with them. I tried to talk their language but it didn't excite me most. Then I tried with my language.

I gave them a couple of books.

They said: Are you crazy auntie? We don’t like reading. We are not at school. I smiled with regret … I tried to play with them with their mobile devices discovering where their attention goes. The virtual apps and games they use to pass their time are not my cup of tea. They rely more on games, emojis to express their feelings and prefer online interactions to in-person conversations. Cell phones should not be allowed into schools. More space should be given to play, physical activity, imagination, creating, cooking, laughing ... There is a superfluous overcrowding that must be eliminated ... but nobody does anything. Things are left like that … Auntie Loredana is back and has a difficult task to perform: playing with her niece and nephew ... Play, read, have fun with imagination, organising an outdoor cinema! Let's roll up our sleeves! …. Yeah!

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