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Art Photography as therapy

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Surfing and researching on Internet during my relaxing time, in search of new ways of making art and using Photography I stuck on online magazine, stumble upon an artist that I didn't know before. Her name is Dani Lessnau.

What she did is fascinating.

She puts a camera inside her vagina and takes photos of her lovers.

I love this beautiful and extreme ideas of using your own body as a camera, mixing photography, art and body performance, gluing the camera into your vagina, like a spie hidden somewhere who want to know more about you, in a real way.

The whole body as the performer - photographer - artist. Your mind, your body and your spirit and your emotions on the same line.

© Dani Lessnau

I don't know how she did and it is interesting to know how.

I had a lesson, while I was going to photography school, on how to use a pinhole camera, few years ago and it requires patience, practice and a very long exposure time.

I remember, I was going up and down the darkroom checking continuously (into the darkroom), if the image was impressed or not on the piece of paper.

It was a short experience. And I am sure that if you master the technique probably will bring you great results as she did.

Dani Lessnau made tiny pinhole cameras for her series of work titled extimité, to capture meaningful moments of intimacy with her lovers.

Never thought of a such brilliant idea, and I am quite jealous that I didn't have myself before, in a positive way.

All artists use their art as a form of therapy, in different ways.

I always considered photography a form of healing practice, maybe because I have experienced the healing by myself through my long-term photography projects and still I am not free from pain, but I am quite close to liberation.

During the process, which can be painful and very confusing, but enjoyable and exciting at the same time, something happens..... at some point.

You feel lighter, you feel like your pain is disappearing slowly slowly, it is a sort of liberation from inside out.

Photography gives me the power to question everything; who I am, what I think, what I feel, my education, society & religion to name but a few.

This began with the discovery of my unhelpful habits of mind & beliefs, and then, comprehension, de-construction and re-construction using intuitively my work as a powerful means of self-analysis, creating dialogues between myself and others.

It is a sort of Catharsis, (Wikipedia) is the purification and purgation of emotions—particularly pity and fear—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration.

It is a metaphor originally used by Aristotle in the Poetics comparing the effects of tragedy on the mind of a spectator to the effect of a cathartic on the body.

After recovering from a protracted illness during her late teens and early 20s, in 2017, Lessnau began to use photography as a form of healing and a way to get in touch with her body. 

Looking at the ways in which vulnerability can be empowering, both for herself and her subjects, her work explores the female body as a vessel for creation, literally, while simultaneously examining the extraordinary space that exists between us when we are alone, together, and naked.

Here, Lessnau speaks with us about the discoveries she has made along the way, about herself, her body, and the power of photography to say the things that cannot be said.

Here the link with the interview with Dani Lessnau on

Very interesting!

What would you do with a pinhole camera?

Would you stick in your vagina and take pictures of your lovers as she did?

How would you feel in that intimate moment?

It would be nice to know. Email to

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