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We need real individuals ...

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Be extremely patient and aware with children.

Don't say anything that could hinder the birth of their intelligence.

The child will sooner or later begin to ask himself and at that point we must not offer him pre-fabricated answers, but situations and challenges so that his intelligence is refined and asks him more deeply, so that the question penetrates its depth.

But this is not allowed. Parents are afraid. Society is afraid if children remain free. They may not be part of the crowd.

What will happen when they become smart on their own?

They will certainly be uncontrollable.

But the actual society needs to control everything in order to possess our soul.

We must not destroy the child's confidence, the confidence in himself, that light that he has inside and that only he / she has. His trust must always be nurtured. If he has confidence in himself he is not controllable, he will not be afraid of anything or anyone, he will never be an imitator but a true individual. He will be so alive and pulsating with life, authentic ... capable of being a king, not a beggar, not a slave.

We need real individuals, not imitators, not slaves.

Let's help children to have self-confidence, let's help them to be free, intelligent, compassionate.

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Let's help them grow as responsible beings, let's help them create a better future.

by Loredana Denicola - Thoughts and Reflections

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