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7.I met KAROLI, the Builder. Extract from'I am your Mirror' photography project

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Karoli is my seventh stranger.

He replied to my advert on Internet.

He come from a small town, from Hungary.

He lives in London since 20 years, and he works as a builder and decorator. He has many clients and he feel satisfied.

He owns his own company and he has a wife.

She comes from Asia. She is small, lovely and very young.

When first I met him, she was pregnant, they were expecting a daughter, he was becoming father. He was deadly happy.

Karoly is a 45 years old man, he looks trustworthy, he is very open, he talk about everything without problems.

Without knowing me, he opened up, telling me, few secrets about his past love stories, how things went wrong and how much he suffered to recover from bad women. 'They ruin my life', he said 'till I met my wife'

He made me laugh, because he was telling me his stories, in a funny way.

He is a naturist, he likes walking naked in his house and nature. He, also, showed me some of his pictures, when he was a young boy, naked in the forest, showing proudly some erection.

'My ex-girlfriend took them', he said, 'I was young and handsome'.

Karoly_©2014_ I am your mirror_photography project, © Loredana Denicola, 2014/2015

Since many years, he is developing a personal project, he is looking for funding. His dream is to build a magnificent, huge place, in Hungary, immersed in the nature, surrounded by trees, where all artists can visit, use it, sleeping there, living temporarily and create art all together, being naked in contact with nature. He needs funding, someone who can trust in his idea and that can finance his project.

He is going to take care of the rest, building the 'Bed and Breakfast' and create the place, all in wood.

He works well with wood, he said.

He would have posed nude for me, as for him being nude is very natural and he is not afraid of nakedness as many people are.

Nakedness reveals itself, nudity for him is a form of dress. My clothes are my skin, he said. Nakedness make us democratic, adornment make us individuals

He proposed me to use one of his houses or flats, where he was working, as location. He was working on two sites as a builder, when he met me.

I could have taken some pictures of him there.

He was alone all day, and we could organise something there. In exchange, he wanted me to take other pictures of him, sort of naked/erotic, another day, that he would have used for his own personal purposes, especially to promote his project in the nature.

I agreed.

One night I found his email on Internet.

He was asking me to meet him in North London at 6 pm, just for a small chat, the day after. He would have picked me up from Costa coffee, with his van ,which was a few meters, outside North Finchley station.

I agreed.

The day after, I took the tube and I reached him.

I arrived 15 minutes before the time arranged, and I sat outside Costa coffee having a hot drink.

Someone sat next to me, on the same table beginning to talk, when I received, a text saying that Karoli, would have reached me in 10 minutes.

He said to wait for him, in the same street, after the first traffic light, in the corner, next to an off licence and to be ready to jump in his van.

I took my hot drink in my hands, said'Bye', to the other stranger and left.

It was cold, I walked down the street and I waited for him after the traffic light. I saw a white small van approaching and someone inside was waving at me from the window. I thought he was him so I waved him back.

My phone rang. It was him.

Karoli wanted me to walk down a bit further and turn on the right side of the street, which is what I did.

He stopped his van, opened the window, and introducing himself, shaking my hand.

‘It is nice to meet you. Thank you for coming!’ He said.

'The pleasure is mine', I answered

Finally we met.

'Would you like to have a coffee?', he said.

'I have one already with me, in my hands', I said smiling.

'So, would you like to get into the van and talking about your project? Or do you want to go somewhere? I finished to work right now so I am a bit tired. It was a hard day.' He said.

'That’s ok, I have already my coffee, so I will come with you in the van.'

'Jump in then! Let's go somewhere else…I can’t park here.How is called your project? I don’t remember', he said.

'I am your mirror,' I answered..

'Oh yes sure, how can I forget that name…'he replayed.

So, I got into the van.

'… I am driving somewhere else, hope you are not afraid, I am a good man'.He said.

'Not at all' – I said – 'that’s fine. I know you are a good man.'

'Are you worried? '– he said

'Not at all', I answered, 'are you?'