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Love, sex and relationships book is out now!

I am sure that LSR photo book will find a way to be funded and brought into the world with your help through the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. And above all, it can help all those who are in difficult moments of their lives and do not recognise and  communicate their pain.

Love, Sex and Relationships is a self-aware self-observation of a given period of time, a video and photography documentation of a personal and social project made with 25 other people (couples and individuals) dealing with the theme of love, sex and relationship.

The abusive relationship with my ex-boyfriend was the ignition spark of this transformative process. Photography becomes a means of liberation and I begin to realise how I am.

I wonder: what is love? What is sex? What is a relationship? I was looking for answers to that nightmare I was living. So, instinctively, I took my camera and went out of the house.

The only thing I wanted at that moment was a dialogue with others, a way to look for others, relate and build something important with my camera, a project of life, full of frailties and strengths.

Hope you will enjoy it!

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