Video Trailer: 'Love, Sex & Relationships', length (3mins 40 secs)

Full video is 5 hours, 50 minutes and 45 seconds, 25 people interviewed.Below the video trailer plus excerpts from the entire video.

Years: 2015-2019

A short video photo documentation of The Theatre of the Mind (7 mins 57 secs)

It includes 7 individual interviews of 7 characters: a cross dresser, a woman with a burqa, a comedian, a transgender, a person who created an alter Ego, a performer and a child of 6 years old.

Years: 2016-2019


Trailers: Do You Love Yourself? 

Monologue (total length 9 mins).

Part of 'Love , Sex and Relationship' photo video documentation project 

Director / Producer RICCARDO SAI 

website. Mister Sai

Post Production LUCA PREVITALI

website.Luca Previtali

Year: 2017  

 Social Documentary Photographer | Fine Art | London & Italy

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