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June 2020 - HAPAXZINE


Training Courses/ Photography Workshop  - Mesagne (BR) - ITALY

Discovering people with the photographer Loredana Denicola."Photography, practice and identity", the workshop in Mesagne. The course will be held on the 22nd  and 23rd February 2020 in the Lab Creation headquarters.

Registration open until February 20, 2020. Max 10 partecipants.






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Here the marvellous Hapaxzine with Action Hybride!

#2 "MÉTAMORPHOSES" - photography, drawing and texts (in French, English and Italian), A5 format, black and white colour, 44 pages, handmade (DIY Conception), JUIN 2020, 4 euros.

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Loredana Denicola 

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On the 8th or 9th of July, from 3 to 5 pm, I will run a basic course of photography.

The course will last four weeks. The location will be @  SalentOListico, via Granafei, Mesagne.

There will be theoretical lessons and practical exercises. The duration of the lesson is two hours per week.

We will talk about basic camera operation, aperture / time / ISO and how these elements interact creatively with each other as well as composition (rules and non), white balance, light and shadows, different prospectives, lenses ... etc...


All the rest is only you, with your and tenacity in putting the concepts into practice. The presence of any camera would be appreciated.

Send me a message in private please..


Love myself,  a journey to discover myself with photography

Photography workshop with women victims of psychological, physical, emotional abuse.

Final goal is to live a constructive experience and transform pain in Art, empowering women with the realisation of a final photography exhibition, where they are the artists. 

The first workshop will start in September 2020 with Sostegno Donna - Rompiamo il silenzio -  CAV, Palagiano (TA), Italy

Duration: 3 months

Max partecipants: 10 women

Photography is a powerful means of expression.

It helped me understand myself and the relationship with others and the world, to broaden my mind, to feel my heart, to look at the differences with respect, to appreciate light and time. I feel I want to spread my enthusiasm.

"It would be nice to be like a camera. Always have the lens open, so that only light can enter."


I love myself, a journey to discover myself with photography'  was born roughly in 2016 as a photographic and video project centered on women and men who have experienced a violent relationship, physical abuse or some form of psychological violence on their own skin.

Purpose of the workshop


Art therapy is a discipline that uses artistic expression as a cognitive and therapeutic means, has the aim of supporting the growth and recovery of the person in his emotional, affective and relational sphere.

The artistic work is conceived as an expression of the unconscious, in its formula of non-verbal expression. Therapeutic photography is linked to all those targeted interventions and uses photography  as a facilitator of an inner process, centered in the "here and now" for all those emotions that are suspended and that are looking for legitimacy and expression.

This type of art-therapeutic approach promotes awareness of oneself and the surrounding reality, through the stimulation of a deeper attention to listening and empathy towards oneself, and over the years has found these operations in helping relationships, especially that one with oneself.

It focuses on the present moment and the present image, through the self-narration of one's identity of Being.


 Social Documentary Photographer | Fine Art | London & Italy

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