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(excerpts from the interview)  - 'Madkillermiller, an unimportant person with a business card'

Why the criminal stuff? Were you looking for excitement?


Up to that time my life had been quite boring. My older cousins had a lot of exciting stories that they’d tell me, and I met this group of friends. It was like a gang around flats.


Then we started up to all sorts of little trouble, then it got more and more. It was mainly like breaking things, stealing things, there wasn’t that many fights. Some of the times it seemed really exciting like I was in a film or something, getting police chasing and all that.

It was just really exciting, I had more fun than playing in a playground, or on a play station. So I carried on to do that and for several years and it was a lot of fun.



Have you had any violent experiences?


Yeah, I did have a few fights, like there was an affray thing which was a mini riot that I caused, around these flats with security guards. But the most violent thing was I got led into doing a GBH on someone.

I was with a friend and we was both in a bad mood, and he wanted to beat up these people. I advised him not to, because there was no reason to.  But then he kept going on about it, and after a while I buckled and we went and beat them up.  It was quite bad and we got arrested for GBH on them and ended up on remand in prison for 6 months and thankfully got out from that, because it was a possible six years so.

That’s behind me, but I fully fully regret that, and I even sent a message to one of the ones I beat up, on Facebook few years ago. I found him on there, I said it in a way that wouldn’t incriminate me. I just said, what happened all them years ago, I really regret it. And I do because they never done anything bad to me at all.

There are people who deserve what I have done to them a lot more. Let’s take for example my stepdad, he would have deserved some violence from me. But these people I didn’t know and it was only because I was bored with my friend.



When I met you, you had a couple of puppets with you, a crow and a monkey. Who are they? Are they imaginary friends?


No they are not imaginary friends. l don’t know how people could think this, but some people see the crow and think that he is real, but he doesn’t look real. The monkey however does look real. When they say ‘I thought it was real’, I say ‘It is real. Look, you can touch it, he is real, it is not in your imagination. It is alive because it is  using my hand as life, so it is alive’.


The crow has a bit of character because he is a bit aggressive, and the monkey he has a bit character, because he is quite shy.  What makes them appear real is to give them a  character.


I’ve been told that I am quite good at giving character to puppets or whatever. But then there’s other things as well.

I used to a wear a fake beard and that would be a character called Yuri who speaks like, ‘I’m Yuri’.




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