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The photography workshop experience with Loredana Denicola

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Discovering people with Loredana Denicola photographer and her photography workshop in Mesagne.

The photography workshop will be held on 22 and 23 February at Lab Creation. Registration open until February 20.

Photography Workshop leafleft
Intensive workshop: photography, practice and identity with Loredana Denicola

Comunicato stampa

The photography workshop entitled 'Photography, practice and identity' with photographer Loredana Denicola will be held on 22 and 23 February 2020 at the LAB Creation headquarters in Mesagne.

The workshop is the result of her long experience in London in portrait photography and Fine Art Photography.

It is mainly aimed at photography enthusiasts, even beginners; it includes theoretical-exhibition phases, with field practices and a focus on narrative portrait photos.

Photography as a therapeutic art for the subject and the photographer. Imagination as therapy, art as healing, as the highest step of self-knowledge, self-portrait (self-portrait) to freely express one's emotions, one's fears.

The workshop will end with practical examples of therapeutic self-portrait in class with the participants.

The program includes two intensive days, from 10 to 17.

What do you want to achieve through photography?

The goal: to get out of your comfort zone and identify your 'personal working style'.

The workshop is divided into 3 modules: a first theoretical part focused on 'how to photograph people', a second practical part to develop a mini project of 'street photography', also considering legal requirements and a revision in the classroom. The third module is about self-portrait, a journey into our identities.

The maximum number of participants is 15 people.

The deadline for registrations is the 19th of February 2020.


Email: WhatsApp:+447528656004

Instagram: @loredana_denicola

Woman  on the bed
Woman on the bed

Why a photography workshop in Mesagne?

I believe that a photography course should be a mandatory part of every school curriculum because it not only teaches us to look at the world but also how to truly see it. I've decided to share what I've learned.

Some have told me that offering courses in this area is almost like committing professional suicide, as people in this region might not be particularly interested in educational programs. I disagree.

I was born in Mesagne, then I left, and after many years, I returned. It was in London that I first discovered my passion for photography. Photography is a powerful medium of expression.

It has helped me understand not only myself but others as well. It has broadened my perspective, allowed me to connect with my emotions, taught me to appreciate differences as opportunities for growth, and inspired countless ideas and projects. Photography has also deepened my appreciation for light and time.

I feel a strong desire to share this enthusiasm with others. It would be wonderful if we could all be a bit more like cameras, with our lenses always open, ready to let the light in.


Loredana Denicola's portrait
Loredana Denicola's portrait

I work with photography, text, and videos. In Italy, I earned a degree in Economics and spent some time in the corporate world before moving to London in 2008. In London, I attended Central St Martin's College of Art and graduated with a certificate in Photographic Professional Practice. Afterward, I completed my training in the competitive field of professional freelance press photography, including paparazzi work, for three years.

Since 2013, I have been based in London, working on photographic projects involving people. Rather than using my camera as a barrier or a means of separation from my subjects, I grant complete freedom to the individuals I photograph. They present themselves as they are without any external imposition.

I believe that photography can serve as a therapeutic medium, allowing individuals to confront themselves in a unique way.

The camera has, paradoxically, become a means for me to capture and reveal the invisible aspects of people's lives. My motivation to explore the depths of human beings stems from a personal quest for self-discovery, which I pursue through conversations with strangers I meet online or on the streets.

I have chosen to delve into people's stories, which often touch upon uncomfortable truths related to sexuality, gender equality, prejudice, love, physical and psychological abuse, negative thinking, and illness. My artistic practice serves as an investigation into the power of trust within human relationships.

In 2018, I became a member of Action Hybride, a collective of international artists based in Paris. The collective's mission is to organise interviews, films, exhibitions, performances, and talks focused on themes related to the body, memory, and the human condition.

I have exhibited my work internationally, with exhibitions held in cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, and Rome


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