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Updated: Jul 21, 2021

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My work is a process started in 2013 that led me to understand myself and others; a process of self-understanding and knowledge as reflected in the other.

Only action without thoughts interfering with decisions, a revelation of love for myself.

"Action" seen as a responsibility, leap into the void, the un-known unlimited, which is light; salvation linked to curiosity, open-mindedness, trust in others, faith in oneself, which is nothing other than a kind of harmony with life and the people around us.

The certainty of following one's intuition to access higher levels of consciousness, that ability to question (after having recognised them) the old mental, emotional, psychological, behavioral patterns that belonged to me and that still belong to me ... those useless weights, negative thoughts, fears and insecurities that made me feel bad ... that ‘image’ of myself that I had built, out of desperation to be accepted, in the first place by my parents, then by friends and by the outside world that were nothing other than me.

Meeting people online, the 'perfect strangers' to let go completely, was the most constructive experience of my life.

I felt and still feel today as an explorer of 'human existence' accompanied by my best friend: the camera. Meeting them in the places and times set by them and photographing them as they wanted to be photographed, without having the slightest doubt of being in "danger", in a city like London, had become my cure.

I had decided to be open, curious, positive, with a great desire to know each other; I wanted to spend time together, share profound conversations about life and secrets never told, that made me alive and involved in their depth but also in mine.

It was like a game, the game that I often played as a child, when I ventured for abandoned farms in the arid but productive Puglia, with my purple coloured bicycle, hoping to meet unknown ghosts to talk to. And I talked to them really thinking that those imaginary beings existed in reality.

I imagined their human forms ... and I saw them at the window, waiting for me.

But inside me, I knew that with my imagination I could create a meeting point with the immensity of existence and feel myself in the company of the unknown.

Those imaginary and real beings kept me company at the same time.

Sometimes I was afraid. I watched them watching me motionless from the window, and I couldn't enter their doors. Other times I walked bravely among abandoned buildings in search of someone to reassure me. And I found that that person was always myself.

Today I write is 2019.

More than 40 years have passed and only now that I look back  I understand why I built my body of work: 4 photographic projects, 2 videos and 4 photography books. I only acted to heal my pain, to switch on a light in the dark, and to see who I really am, to accept me, love me and become a stronger person.

And photography was that door into which I entered to cure myself.

Take care of what? ... you will ask.

My work concerns humanity, the individual, the responsibility as a starting point for building a better world.

The individual alone finds hard to know himself.

Instead of entering the hidden depths of himself, he is busy knowing everything that is external to him and is convinced that he knows more than the other.

He separates his inner world from his external world and in this way he sees everything separated from him. There is a lack of humility in ‘human beings’ and the arrogance of considering ourselves a superior beings in the existence of which we are part and in the nature that hosts us.

Although we share the same 'breath of life' with animals, we have a unique peculiarity.

We are able to think and reason but most of us do not, perhaps out of laziness, perhaps out of fear of the dark and cowardice, perhaps in order not to lose that little 'certainty' that we have built with effort over time, and to which we are attached as of leeches convinced that without 'her' life is over.

The human being therefore as a limitation or imitation.

Thoughts that go through our mind and that we don't observe. The eternal accusation towards the other, "the different" and "the external world" without understanding that we are the only ones responsible for our life, and that the external world is nothing but our reflection. The unexpressed emotions that suffocate us, but then expressed make us explode creating unbearable and destructive situations.

What is created is undoubtedly what one is.

But who am I? Have you ever asked yourself?

Obviously I cannot help but talk about my personal experience, since it is the only one I know, having lived it. Crossing through different doors and undergoing different processes of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental knowledge and evolution, I understood what made me unhappy.

Everything started from my mind. I had obsessions. The same destructive thoughts were so deeply rooted in my head that they repeated themselves daily, minute by minute, causing me a strong anxiety and inability to live freely.

Obsession or obsessive thinking is a psychopathological phenomenon which consists of a fixed idea or a mental representation accompanied by an anxiety-induced experience and which the subject cannot control even though he is aware of it. It is a continuous thought that recurs and persists despite the efforts to ignore or eliminate it.

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One day I asked my yoga instructor what to do to stop the negative thoughts of my mind, precisely my obsessions.

His answer surprised me.

You have to work on the breath -  he told me.

Breath - I thought.

I ran home and started looking for information on Internet.

"If you can master your breath you will become a master of your emotions."

Have you ever observed how breathing changes with changing emotions?

When you're angry, you breathe in a certain way; try to observe how you breathe when you are angry and then, when you feel angry, try to breathe differently: you won't be able to get angry. You can only get angry with a particular breath.