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Photography: Writing with Light

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

The word photography originates from two Greek words: φῶς (light) and γραφή (writing). Literally, therefore, photography means "writing with light."

It holds enormous power, an overwhelming energy that can become an obsession, the love of your life. Photography is arguably the most significant and widespread social medium.

While music is often considered a universal language, when a photographer is driven by pure intentions and does not start constructing imaginary stories or telling lies, when they simply and beautifully convey the unadulterated truth to the viewers, photography becomes a universal language.

Photography is not meant for winning prizes or making money; its purpose is to convey the unvarnished truth of the subject it captures. If a photographer works honestly, in collaboration with the subject, following their heart and connecting with the depths of their soul, then both the photographer and the subject can take pride in the work. At that precise moment, they have worked in pursuit of the pure truth, an impression that endures eternally.

Our responsibility is to narrate authentic stories. Being a photographer is no trivial matter.

I have chosen to be honest, to communicate the truth, as it might be the most significant aspect of my work, an attempt to comprehend myself and the intricate human nature to which I belong. In the end, we are all storytellers.

by Loredana Denicola

' Scars ' © Loredana Denicola, Nikon FM2
' Scars ' © Loredana Denicola, Nikon FM2

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