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Environmental degradation is a consequence of the ethical degradation of man

Updated: May 13, 2023

A man who escaped the meaning of life and actions, stopped eating intellectually and spiritually, becoming a materialistic man, privileging only material satisfaction and becoming excessive consumption; a man of irresponsible behavior. This behavior has progressively influenced his own thinking, leaving him suggested by a nihilistic vision that led him not only to not integrate nature, but also not to respect it, misusing his own freedom.

To this technologically advanced but unprepared and immature man in wisdom, the same technological power also got out of hand, even using it irresponsibly. To solve the problem of environmental degradation, the human heart and its behavior must be changed, not so much the technological tools.

Man must learn to respect creation, and the first step is to begin to respect human life.

It is not so much the reduction of the number of people in the world or the new techniques that correct errors, but the references to adequate values ​​and behavioral ethics.

Man must be changed.


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